Dead by Daylight players petition to bring back Stranger Things DLC

Dead by Daylight fans want to see the game’s Stranger Things DLC return.

Stranger Things season 4, part 1, has just launched on Netflix, reminding everyone how great the supernatural series is. The show’s return has also prompted thousands of Dead by Daylight fans to ask for the Stranger Things DLC to be added back into the asymmetric horror title.

Released in September 2019, the themed expansion let players fight for survival as Steve and Nancy or take on the role of the Demogorgon and hunt them down. A new map known as the Underground Complex was also introduced. But in November of last year, the content was removed, with licensing issues the likely reason for the content’s swift departure.

Fans are so keen to have Stranger Things back in Dead by Daylight that they’ve started a petition on (opens in new tab) asking developer Behaviour Interactive to make it available once more. The petition titled “Bring Stranger Things Back to DBD” currently has over 15,700 signatures. As well as the return of the previously released content, the petition also calls for “more characters from Stranger Things” to be included.

Exactly why the DLC was removed in the first place and whether we’ll see any more themed content from the Netflix series remains a mystery, but it’s clear that fans are very eager to have the horror of the Upside Down back in the game. 

Dead by Daylight has collaborations with other famous franchises currently in the works. This year will see the survival horror title teaming up with Resident Evil and Attack on Titan

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