Destiny 2 Shoot to Score Guardian Games quest explained

The Destiny 2 Shoot to Score quest to is a new addition as part of the 2022 Guardian Games. The quest tasks you with getting involved in the Training and Competitive playlists and earning Vanguard Medals to get high scores. However, certain aspects of the quest and the playlist are time-gated, including the rewards, making it a bit of weird quest to complete. We’re here to clear things up with the essential things to know about for the Destiny 2 Shoot to Score quest.

How to complete the Destiny 2 Shoot to Score quest

Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2022 shoot to score quest

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The Shoot to Score quest for the Guardian Games 2022 event tasks you with earning high scores in the Guardian Games: Training and Competitive playlists to meet certain score thresholds. Meeting these thresholds will allow you to ignite up to four floating torches back at the Tower, which will grant you some rewards. To get the quest, you need to pick it up from Zavala towards the end of the Best in Class quest.

Steps one to six of the quest are for week one of Guardian Games 2022, and we assume that weeks two and three will also have the same set of steps, so make sure you repeat them for each week. Here’s what you need to do to complete the Shoot to Score quest in Destiny 2:

  1. Play in the Guardian Games: Training playlist and reach score thresholds. This step automatically completes when the Competitive playlist becomes available – more on that below – so you might not even have to worry about this step.
  2. Earn at least 50,000 points in a Guardian Games: Competitive playlist Strike to get a Bronze score.
  3. Earn at least 100,000 points in a Guardian Games: Competitive playlist Strike to get a Silver score.
  4. Earn at least 150,000 points in a Guardian Games: Competitive playlist Strike to get a Gold score.
  5. Earn at least 175,000 points in a Guardian Games: Competitive playlist Strike to get a Platinum score.
  6. Wait for the weekly reset for the next set of steps to unlock. Remember to light all your torches to get rewards too – more on those below too.

For steps two to five, you don’t have to finish a Strike with a score that meets the particular threshold, and you can go over the threshold to complete multiple steps at once. For example, if you’re on step three and need a Silver score, and then you end up getting a Platinum score in your next Guardian Games: Competitive Strike, you’ll get all the way up to step six in one go.

Guardian Games Training and Competitive playlists explained

Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2022 strike playlist node tower

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Destiny 2 Laurels

Destiny 2 guardian games laurels

(Image credit: Bungie)

Need to get Destiny 2 Laurels for Contender Cards? Here’s how

These playlists are a bit confusing because they’re essentially the same and they function a lot like Nightfall Strikes – you’ll find the activity node to play them on the Tower map screen. The Training and Competitive playlists feature a set Strike that is the same for the whole week, have a recommended Power level of 1550, and feature Champion enemies and an array of modifiers to make things more difficult. Both playlists also have matchmade and non-matchmade modes, meaning you could play with random Guardians, or go in solo.

As you play in both playlist and get high scores, you’ll also earn a Contender’s Boon buff that improves based on the score threshold you meet – note that Gold is the highest Boon rating as there is no Platinum version. The Boons improve your ability recharge rates and weapon damage among other things, but they’re active in just the Guardian Games playlists and the Vanguard Ops playlist. These Boons also only last until the next weekly reset, so you’ll have to re-earn them for each week of Guardian Games 2022.

The major difference is when these playlists are available. The Training playlist is available from the weekly reset on Tuesday to the daily reset on Friday, and the Competitive playlist is available from the Friday reset to the next weekly reset the following Tuesday. Steps two to five of the Shoot to Score quest can only be completed in the Competitive playlist.

Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2022 strike platinum score

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To get a Platinum score, you’ll want to make sure you focus on killing as many enemies as possible and completing the Strike quickly to avoid bleeding points. Provided you kill enemies quickly and in a variety of ways, you should earn plenty of Destiny 2 Vanguard Medals to get you extra points too, however, dying at the final boss and having to start it over will waste a lot of time and increase your risk of reaching the 20-minute mark, which is where you’ll start bleeding points and reduce your multiplier. This playlist is also a great way of completing Nightfall Strike Platinum Cards and earning Laurels outside of the Destiny 2 Daily Focus activity.

Destiny 2 Shoot to Score quest rewards

Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2022 tower torches rewards

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Once you’ve reached the score thresholds in the Competitive playlist, you’ll want to head to the Tower to ignite your torches. You’ll spot two lines of white floating platforms behind the big Guardian Games display. Hop across the ones on the right to ignite the Shoot to Score torches – the torches on the left are for the Medallion Battalion quest to deposit lots of medals. Make sure you don’t forget to ignite the torches as they can only be ignited when the Competitive playlist is active!

These torches will get you a mix of items, including large amounts of Glimmer, upgrade materials including Ascendant Shards, and more. They also all have a good chance of dropping the new Guardian Games 2022 The Title SMG. You’ll also get a glowing Nightfall Strike icon on your Guardian’s right shoulder which is colored to match your highest score threshold. If you need an extra incentive to keep replaying the Training and Competitive playlists for Guardian Games, you can also get Nightfall rewards for participating in these playlists, including Exotic gear, Enhancement Prisms, and Nightfall weapons.

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