Destiny 2 update stops Dares of Eternity from hazing new players

The latest Destiny 2 update adjusted the 30th anniversary activity Dares of Eternity to make it more tolerable for new players.

The Dares of Eternity activity was proving so difficult for new players that Bungie put out a call for veteran Guardians to lower their Power level so that they could matchmake with so-called New Lights and carry them through, or at least give them some time to breathe. Bungie even made a special emblem to give out to players who cleared Dares of Eternity in the past week, whether they were a victim or a sherpa.

This noob-stomping was caused by two major issues which have now thankfully been fixed. See, new Destiny 2 players would previously load into Dares of Eternity automatically before they got a chance to learn the game or even obtain a power weapon. It was literally the first thing they’d experience. Destiny 2 is already an intimidatingly dense and complex game, and opening with an RNG game show run by a horse doesn’t make it any more approachable. Doubly so because this automatic induction left new players under-geared and, at the default 1100 Power, woefully under-leveled for the 1150 Power activity.

The good news is that Dares of Eternity is now set at 1100 Power, and Bungie also says it won’t immediately draft players who’ve yet to acquire a heavy weapon. This should give New Lights a little more time to cut their teeth before entering the gauntlet of the unknowable space horse. 

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