Detective Pikachu sequel seemingly confirmed to still be in development

A Detective Pikachu sequel is seemingly still in development at original studio Creatures.

Over the past weekend, it was spotted that the Creatures (opens in new tab) official website had been updated with a ‘People’ section. A developer at the studio, attributed only as K.T., makes reference to a “sequel to Detective Pikachu” in his comments on the page, outlining how they’re in charge programming for parts of the sequel.

The Detective Pikachu sequel was announced all the way back in 2019, specifically for the Nintendo Switch, but news on the sequel has been absent ever since. At the time, it was quietly confirmed through a press conference held in Tokyo, not through the fantastical Nintendo Direct presentations we’re so used to now. 

Right now, it’s been nearly four years since Detective Pikachu first launched on the Nintendo 3DS. In a fully-voiced twist on the usual Pokemon formula, Pikachu donned a cap and went searching for mysteries with a human partner, tackling crime while waxing lyrical about his love of coffee. It was a new direction for the Pokemon series in general, that’s for sure.

If you were wondering about the Ryan Reynolds-led Detective Pikachu movie, the game and film follow two very different stories, and it was outlined back in 2019 that the Detective Pikachu game sequel wouldn’t be an adaptation of the movie. Speaking of, it doesn’t look like we’re ever getting a follow-up to the live-action movie, as star Justice Smith poured cold water on hopes last year.

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