Death Stranding Directors Cut comparison shows the difference between PS4 and PS5

Death Stranding’s new PS5 upgrade has been put to the test, and it’s a glowing port.

Just earlier today on September 23, tech experts Digital Foundry published their full report on Death Stranding Director’s Cut, delving into the new graphical fidelity of the PS5 port. Digital Foundry notes that the obvious main upgrade in terms of looks for Kojima Productions’ game is the 60 frames per second boost, and the outlet reports that maintains the frame rate flawlessly in performance mode. For comparison, Death Stranding was a rock solid 30FPS on PS4.

Additionally, Digital Foundry reports that the ultra-wide picture mode for Death Stranding Director’s Cut doesn’t affect the port’s boosted frame rate. The outlet notes that unfortunately, because the PS5 doesn’t have native support for ultra-wide monitors, you’ll always be left with black bars at the top of the screen in an in-game ultra-wide mode, but there’s fortunately no hit to the frame rate of the Director’s Cut in this new picture mode.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut launches tomorrow on September 24, exclusively for PS5. Aside from the boosted frame rate and ultra-wide picture support, the re-release packs in brand new delivery methods like a hefty Cargo Cannon, a new racing minigame in the Fragile Circuit, and brand new story-related delivery missions for you to undertake. To top it all off, it’s only a $10/£5 upgrade if you already own the base game.

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