A Dungeons and Dragons skirmish wargame like Warhammer Underworlds is coming in 2022

The previously-leaked skirmish wargame Dungeons and Dragons: Onslaught has been confirmed during D&D Direct, and the 1v1 experience is set to launch later in 2022.

Developed by WizKids (the team behind numerous D&D miniatures), Dungeons and Dragons: Onslaught brings one of the best tabletop RPGs into territory usually occupied by the likes of Warhammer Underworlds: Harrowdeep or Warcry: Red Harvest. Casting players as a member of the Forgotten Realm’s best-known factions, you’ll dungeon-delve in search of treasure whilst battling classic monsters such as trolls. It comes with 21 pre-painted models featuring two organisations (the secretive Harpers and power-hungry Zhentarim) and a horde of creatures. This includes a massive black dragon.

Originally teased in March via designer Nicholas Yu’s Twitter account, the now-deleted post included a fact sheet that described how “each player controls an adventuring party” in scenarios that’ll allow you to “collect treasure, level up”, and cross swords with villainous creatures. The set can be pre-ordered now from D&DMini for $146.99.

Dungeons & Dragons: Onslaught trailer image

(Image credit: WizKids)

Alongside WizKids miniatures pulled directly from Dungeons and Dragons books, the game uses a “Combat Dial System” for tracking character stats. These forces can be added to over time with yet-to-be-revealed expansion packs, and tournament play is also planned for D&D: Onslaught in the future. Free print and play scenarios have been promised as well. 

Naturally, this was far from the only announcement to land during D&D Direct. A new version of Spelljammer was confirmed for August 2022, and Dragonlance is also making a comeback toward the end of the year. 

Until these new D&D additions turn up, you can find your next game night pastime by checking the latest board game deals below. It’s also worth taking a look at WizKids’ new Critical Role miniatures that allow you to bring the franchise’s biggest villains to your table.

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