Elden Ring Flying Dragon Agheel boss fight

The Elden Ring Agheel boss fight against the Flying Dragon of Limgrave’s lake is a challenge you come across pretty early on in Elden Ring, a giant dragon that drops out of the air to land on the players without warning. Fighting Agheel is a serious challenge for new players, as the dragon’s powerful fire and wide-reaching strikes mean simply getting close to it can be a dangerous game – but we can give you some helpful pointers on how to slay this beast. Check below for how to beat Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring below, including weaknesses, tips, tricks and strategies. 

  • To beat the Flying Dragon Agheel boss fight, players should be at least level 35+, with weapons of +4 or higher.

How to beat Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring

To beat the Flying Dragon Agheel boss fight in Elden Ring, we recommend you make use of these tips and weaknesses:

  1. Use Agheel’s weakness to Piercing damage
  2. Bring in Yura for support and distraction
  3. Switch Torrent in-and-out to stay mobile
  4. Try to stay between Agheel’s ankles
  5. When in doubt, do hit-and-run strikes

Agheel’s a brutal foe for the early game, and almost certainly one of the biggest enemies that players will likely have encountered so far, a giant grey-scaled dragon who drops out of the sky when riding through the waters of Limgrave. However, though Agheel is an entirely optional boss, it is nonetheless worth fighting him for both the rewards – especially if you’re a faith-based class – and to learn the attack patterns of dragons (a recurring boss type in the game). Use the pointers above to help fight him, and either click on them or scroll down for more information on each step.

Where to find Flying Dragon Agheel’s location

Elden Ring Agheel boss fight flying dragon how to beat

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Agheel isn’t visible from a distance usually, as he doesn’t show up until you get close, dropping out of the sky and roasting some unfortunate followers when you near the bonfire in the Southern side of Limgrave Lake, marked on the map above. However, after that he’ll be there permanently, going aggressive when you get close.

You’ll also notice we’ve marked some other points on the map – the locations of two Dragon-themed places of worship, and two points relating to a character called Yura. You don’t need to worry about the Church or Cathedral until after Agheel is dead, but noting the two Yura locations can help you in one of the steps we’re about to address. For now, let’s talk about how to actually slay this dragon, now you know where to find it.

1. Use Agheel’s Weakness to Piercing Damage against him

At this early point in the game you probably don’t have a huge arrangement of weapons, though we can always help you with that via our best Elden Ring early game weapons page here. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that Agheel has an (admittedly minor) weakness to Piercing damage, doing a little more damage than any other attack. Use our guide to grab the Great Épée if you’re well suited to it, though don’t entirely sabotage/redirect your entire build for this purpose – it’s better to play to your strengths rather than upend your whole character for a minor numerical advantage.

2. Bring in Bloody Finger Hunter Yura as an NPC Summon

If you’re having trouble, you can bring in the wandering samurai Bloody Finger Hunter Yura to help, though you need to set him up first. Use the above map to find the location of the NPC in the South, where he’ll be hanging out under an overpass, Northeast of the Seaside Ruins Site of Grace. After talking to him there, that’ll then create a summon sign for Yura on the little island in the water to the North of Agheel. Bring him in for a bleed-focused attacker – even if Yura struggles to keep up with Agheel, he works nicely as somebody to draw the dragon’s aggression.

3. Use Torrent to stay mobile and avoid certain attacks

Elden Ring Agheel boss fight flying dragon how to beat

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Torrent is a lot more vital to this boss fight than he is for many, as Agheel specialises in huge-reaching attacks that can hit targets from massive reach and cover huge areas, as well as flying around and putting huge distance between the player and Torrent in an instant. Here’s some basic uses for Torrent and how he counters Agheel’s worst moves:

  • Short range wing swipes: These attacks tend to be fast, low strikes. Use Torrent to double jump over them when you see them coming.
  • Standing fire breath: Agheel hunkers down and breaths an expanding cone of fire, turning his head to follow the player. Use Torrent to ride diagonally left or right, both away from the fire and in Agheel’s direction, as the cone thins nearer to his mouth.
  • Flying fire breath: Alternatively, Agheel might fly in a line overheard, or hover in place while he breathes down massive amounts of fire. Use Torrent to simply sprint in a straight line away from the blaze, as it rapidly expands. If Torrent is caught in the fire, sometimes he’s killed instead of you – tragic, but useful in a Yoshi-extra-jump kind of way.
  • Divebomb: Often following the hovering fire breath, Agheel will crash down onto the player. It’s actually a little easier to dodge this by rolling with your invincibility frames, but if you don’t have time to dismount, ride fast in the opposite direction and double jump just before Agheel hits the ground.

4. Stay between Agheel’s ankles for the best chance of survival

Agheel’s attacks are mainly directed ahead of him, and players underneath him will be able to avoid the worst of his strikes, hence why he’ll often try to reposition himself to stop you from being there. The only two big perils for those nuzzling about his groin are his stomp attack and sudden spin (both of which can be dodged by a last-second roll). Stay there whenever you can, cutting at his feet for as long as he’ll let you.

5. If in peril, aim for quick hit-and-run strikes

One of the slowest but easier methods, players should aim to effectively charge straight through Agheel’s legs on Torrent, make a couple of quick swipes along the way, then be out the other side and gone before Agheel’s AI can adjust to what you’re doing. It’s not without danger, but the dragon’s slow motions mean that your superior speed can throw him off a lot.

Flying Dragon Agheel boss fight rewards

Elden Ring Agheel boss fight flying dragon how to beat

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For killing Agheel, players get 5000 Runes and a Dragon Heart – an item that has no value on its own, but can be redeemed in certain locations to get spells. Specifically, the Church and Cathedral of Dragon Communion, both of which are highlighted on the map above. At both of these locations, Dragon Hearts can be exchanged for new Incantations, usually offensive ones based around certain attack types. 

Not only that, but killing Agheel adds a new spell to the “store” at the East Caelid Cathedral: Agheel’s Flame, where the player briefly takes on a draconic form and flies up to breath fire down on targets beneath them. You’ll actually need to pay 2 Dragon Hearts for that one, but you can either start saving now, or exchange the heart you have for one of the cheaper options. Keep in mind that all the dragon spells, including Agheel’s Flame, are Incantations – meaning that they’re tied to Faith and can only be cast be Faith builds with spellcasting Seals.

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