Elden Ring players rejoice as Starscourge Radahn buffs fix unintended nerfs

Beloved Elden Ring boss Starscourge Radahn was buffed in the game’s most recent patch, and players are thrilled to see the legendary general taking names (almost) like the good old days. 

As the official Elden Ring Twitter account announced (opens in new tab) today, Radahn was unintentionally nerfed in a previous update meant to reign in some of his wilier hitboxes. Today’s update, patch 1.03 (opens in new tab), has restored the nerfed attacks to their intended damage levels, so we should now have the best version of the boss: a hard-hitting behemoth with a fair and readable attack range. 

Bandai Namco didn’t specify which attacks were affected by these changes, but anecdotal reports from players suggest that they’ve primarily tweaked Radahn’s ranged attacks, most notably his warbow and gravity magic. Either way, patch 1.03 has definitely given Radahn a power boost, and many Elden Ring fans are over the moon, even if they are once again spitting out their own teeth at the Radahn Festival. 

“Great! I wanted to try unnerfed Radahn without summons this time and thought I lost the chance forever,” reads a comment (opens in new tab) from Reddit user WildWeasel46, one of many players who piled into the Elden Ring subreddit to share their eagerness to fight the newly buffed Radahn.

chadahn_is_back from r/Eldenring

“I killed him before the debuff, I killed him after the debuff,” says user josegfx. “Looks like I have to kill him once more.”

Radahn’s notoriety exploded a few days after Elden Ring launched as more players made their way to the depths of Caelid to get curb-stomped by the gargantuan warrior. He was an optional boss, but after Margit, Radahn became one of the biggest early challenges for many players to overcome – almost like the Malenia of the first chunk of the game. He’s a great and memorable fight, too, with some incredible set-dressing. If you broke down the ongoing Elden Ring discourse like the rings on a tree, the Radahn cycle would definitely be one of the most memorable bits, and it does the heart good to see him back on top following these buffs. 

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