Elden Ring player overcomes the toughest boss with zero finesse and two giant maces

One Elden Ring player has beaten Malenia using zero finesse whatsoever.

Just below, you can see a player going to face off against what’s arguably Elden Ring’s toughest boss encounter. Along with their trusty Mimic Tear, the player proceeds to straight-up bludgeon Malenia to death, as both them and the Mimic Tear lay into the boss repeatedly with two absolutely colossal maces.

There’s a few things at play here that help the duo overcome Malenia. Firstly, these mace weapons are infused with ice-based damage, which Malenia (and a whole host of Elden Ring bosses, for that matter) are weak to. Secondly, Malenia can thankfully be staggered by player attacks, hence why this onslaught actually works.

Usually players would go dodging and ducking through Malenia’s lethal attacks, mainly due to the fact that the boss actually heals for every point of damage they deal to you and your allies. But there’s no need if the boss literally can’t attack for much of the fight, as we’re seeing in this bonkers clip. 

It’s seriously impressive that this player and their Mimic Tear manage to blitz through both of Malenia’s tough phases with their maces alone. Malenia is generally considered to be one of the toughest bosses in Elden Ring, if not the toughest, and one could argue that she’s one of the hardest fights FromSoftware has ever designed. But even she is no match for two big maces, apparently. 

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