Elden Ring network test hack puts CJ in the game

Elden Ring players have put GTA San Andreas’ C.J. in the playable network test version of the game.

Over the last few days, it was revealed that the PS4 9.00 software version had been jailbroken (opens in new tab), thus allowing those with the Elden Ring closed network test to hack into the demo and continue playing it, as well as messing around with the demo’s files. This has resulted, as you can see below, in various hijinks, including putting C.J. from GTA San Andreas into the game.

It’s a pretty fantastic recreation, even if C.J. is overwhelmingly far from his home city of San Andreas. In the video just above, we can see the playable C.J. roaming around The Lands Between, sneaking up behind enemies to unleash a brutal stab attack in their backs, and even interacting with Melina in one of the network test’s very brief cutscenes.

In fact, you’ll want to be pretty vigilant when browsing online forums and streaming sites from now until Elden Ring’s launch early next year. As YouTuber and modder Lance McDonald noted on Twitter (opens in new tab) earlier this week, the jailbroken version of the Elden Ring network test means that players are going to be extracting spoilers from the final game, and likely posting them online.

There’s not too long to go now until Elden Ring’s final launch, when the game lands on February 25, 2022. FromSoftware’s new adventure has been a long time in the making, especially after it dropped off the face of the Earth for a matter of years, only to resurface at Gamescom Opening Night Live earlier this year in August. There’s no doubt it’ll be worth the wait.

Read up on our Elden Ring preview from the closed network test to see what we made of FromSoftware’s latest.

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