FIFA 22 Preview Packs will let you see what youre buying in Ultimate Team

The FIFA 22 version of Ultimate Team will carry forward preview packs, one of the biggest changes EA has made to the structure of microtransactions in the online game mode since it first launched.

EA’s FIFA Live team revealed the news in an extensive update (opens in new tab) which runs down the details for what players can expect from FIFA 22 Ultimate Team at launch. While FIFA 22 proper is set to be released on October 1, EA Play Pro players can start playing as early as September 22 on PC – and Preview Packs will be available in the Ultimate Team store as soon as they begin.

Preview Packs were introduced to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team back in June as a new option in the store: unlike standard packs, which only reveal their contents once you purchase them in the typical lootbox style, Preview Packs let you see everything inside right from the store. Once you look inside, you can either purchase the pack (whereupon it will immediately be replaced with a fresh Preview Pack) or wait for it to be swapped out at the end of a refresh countdown.

Both Premium Gold and Premium Silver Packs will have Preview Pack versions at launch, alongside their standard counterparts.

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