PS5 now lets you turn off the screenshot notification that also shows up in screenshots

Serial screenshotters rejoice: the latest PS5 update lets you turn off the annoying notification pop-up that always tries to ruin your next pic.

While the most-ballyhooed feature of today’s update is official support for expanding your PS5’s storage (make sure you check out our guide to the best PS5 SSD if you’re not sure where to start), system owners have noticed a more subtle but no less gratifying improvement.

As spotted by Nibel on Twitter, if you head into your PS5‘s settings and bring up “Shortcuts for Create Button,” one of the new options is “Display Save Confirmation for Screenshots.”

Finally: the new PS5 firmware allows you to disable the annoying screenshot icon 15, 2021

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Don’t know why it’s a big deal? Picture this scenario: you know the perfect photo moment is coming up, and you want to preserve it in image form to text to your friends, or print it out and stick it on your fridge, or whatever. You jump the gun a little and take a screenshot before the camera angle changes – but no big deal, because you hit the Create button again right after. This time you know you got the perfect shot. Right?

Well, no. You didn’t, because the second screenshot – perfectly timed and framed as it may be – also proudly bears the notification pop-up from the first screenshot on the side of the screen. Pathos ensues. Flip that “Display Save Confirmation” option to “Off” as soon as you have the update installed and you won’t have to worry about this tragedy unfolding ever again.

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