Former Call of Duty leads horror game is “coming together”

The Callisto Protocol, the next game from Call of Duty studio co-founder and Dead Space creator Glen Schofield, is “coming together.”

Earlier this week, Schofield took to Twitter to share the shot of a motion capture actor working on The Callisto Protocol. The Striking Distance studio co-founder hints that the new game is in the final stages of development, and things are “coming together” with an emphasis on polishing the final product.

This is my favorite time when making a game – the design starts coming together. Love seeing all the hard work the team is doing in the mocap studio to bring our characters to life. Thanks to everyone waiting as we finish and polish the game. We’ll have more to share soon! 11, 2022

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Additionally, Schofield reassures fans that the developer will have “more to share soon.” It’s been a fair while since we’ve heard or seen anything from The Callisto Protocol, so it’s a relief that Schofield and company plan on unveiling new details. As we head towards the inevitable Summer showcases in the next few months, perhaps The Callisto Protocol could show up at Gamescom, or even sooner?

If you’re unfamiliar with The Callisto Protocol, it’s a brand new AAA horror game being headed up by Schofield’s and his expertise from the Call of Duty series at Sledgehammer Games. If horror sounds like a big change from the likes of Activision’s shooter series, then don’t be fooled, because Schofield previously lead development of the first two Dead Space games under EA at Visceral.

The Callisto Protocol has at least one horror veteran behind it, then. Additionally, the game is actually part of the PUBG universe, as it’s being developed under Krafton Inc., parent company of PUBG Corp. That may sound like a bit of a stretch, but Schofield himself explained back in late 2020 how The Callisto Protocol is part of the PUBG universe at large. 

Check out The Callisto Protocol preview from earlier this year, as we head further toward the horror game’s eventual release.

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