Where is Fortnite Gunnar and how to assist in eliminating them

Fortnite Gunnar is a new NPC to arrive in the battle royale, and this soldier fighting for the Imagined Order is a tough nut to crack. If you’re working your way through the Fortnite Foundation Quests then you’ll have been instructed to assist in eliminating Gunnar, at which point you first thoughts were probably “who are they and where can I find them” in Fortnite. He’s also armed with a Mythic version of the Stinger SMG, which you can claim by taking him down, so overall they’re a pretty useful NPC to meet. If you want to know how to assist in eliminating Fortnite Gunnar, we’ve got all of the details right here.

Fortnite Gunnar location

Fortnite Gunnar location map

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Gunnar is an NPC that can be found within Covert Canyon, the new named location that was recently added towards the northwest side of the island. There’s a huge Imagined Order base carved inside the mountain here, and within the main area you’ll find Gunnar. Usually he’s patrolling around the base, flexing his muscles or sitting on a crate to eat a pastry, but as soon as he detects players nearby he goes into full attack mode.

How to assist in eliminating Fortnite Gunnar

Fortnite Gunnar

(Image credit: Epic Games)

To assist in eliminating Gunnar in Fortnite you’ll need to land some damage on him, though not necessarily the final blow that leads to his defeat. Try to keep your distance and take him by surprise, as once you start getting in hits he’ll throw up a shield for protection, before returning fire with his powerful Mythic SMG and tossing an endless supply of grenades your way. As with other Fortnite IO Guards he’ll eventually drop into a down but not out state if any other NPCs are still fighting in his squad, so finish him off (or let another player do so) and you should complete the quest for assisting in eliminating Fortnite Gunnar.

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