Where to find Fortnite Choppas

Where to find a Fortnite Choppa is an important question to answer for the ‘Travel 1,000 Meters in the Choppa’ challenge. If you don’t know where Choppa locations are, then you’re going top have a tough time taking to the skies and ticking off this particular feat in Fortnite. There are five Choppa locations in Fortnite you can take advantage of in your quest for the airways – just be ready for a fight while this challenge is on, and other players are all aiming for the same objective using these vehicles.

Fortnite Choppas locations

Fortnite Choppa locations map

(Image credit: Epic Games)

On the map above we’ve marked the five locations where you can find Fortnite Choppas currently spawning on the map, which are all based at Seven Outposts. Unlike their previous appearance in the battle royale, Fortnite Choppas no longer start on helipads and are instead just landed on the ground near the main outpost buildings. For more specific directions, you’ll find them at the following Fortnite Choppa locations:

  • Seven Outpost I – southwest of Greasy Grove
  • Seven Outpost II – northwest of Logjam Lumberyard
  • Seven Outpost III – northeast of The Daily Bugle
  • Seven Outpost IV – south of Condo Canyon
  • Seven Outpost V – northwest of Camp Cuddle

As with every vehicle in the game, Fortnite Choppas are not 100% guaranteed to spawn in all of these locations for every match, but if they are included then they will be in some or all of these positions. Also, if other players have already visited and flown the Choppas away then you’ll have to look in a different area for another chance to find one.

How to fly Fortnite Choppas

Fortnite Helicopters

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Once you’ve boarded one of the Fortnite Choppas, you can use the rear triggers to ascend or descend while pushing the left stick up to move forward, and there’s also the usual Boost button for a dash of extra speed. Keep an eye on your fuel gauge, and either visit one of the Fortnite gas pumps to top up when you’re getting low or be ready to land, as when it runs out you’ll fall from the sky and explode on impact with the ground. Bear in mind that Fortnite Choppas don’t have any built-in weapons, though you can briefly switch seats to one of the side rails and fire any arms you’re carrying, with the helicopter automatically hovering for a few seconds before it begins to drop.

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