How to dance at Fortnite crashed IO Airships

Fortnite crashed IO Airships are one of the few remaining pieces of evidence to indicate the Imagined Order had a presence on the island, and you’ll need to know where to find them so you can dance at different crashed IO Airships in Fortnite. These piles of metalwork and wreckage may have been given a colorful paint job to make them more in keeping with the current Fortnite Vibin’ theme, but they’re still in the same positions as before so you might have already visited them for previous Fortnite quests last season. Either way, it’s time to get your best emotes ready, then follow our guidance to find all five Fortnite crashed IO Airships locations and confirm how to dance when you get there.

Fortnite crashed IO Airships locations

Fortnite crashed IO Airships map

(Image credit: Epic Games)

There are a total of five Fortnite crashed IO Airships, representing the blimps that were scuttled after the five successive battles around the island between the Imagined Order and the Seven. They can be found on the Fortnite map at the following locations:

  • Tilted Touchdown – in Loot Lake just northwest of Tilted Towers
  • Coney Collapse – among the trees southeast of Coney Crossroads
  • Daily Rubble – off the coast to the east of The Daily Bugle
  • Rocky Wreckage – on the edge of the desert west of Rocky Reels
  • Canyon Crash – off the coast to the southeast of Condo Canyon

Fortnite Zero Point

Fortnite Zero Point

(Image credit: Epic Games)

How to visit the Fortnite Zero Point in a motorboat.

As you can see, the names of these Fortnite crashed IO Airships landmarks coincides with the nearby POI they used to be flying above, though some are closer than others to their original locations. Daily Rubble and Canyon Crash are the easiest to spot, as these crash sites off the coast can clearly be seen on the main map view standing out against the surrounding water. For selecting three locations to use for this quest, Tilted Touchdown, Coney Collapse, and Rocky Wreckage are the closest, but as you’ll need to pass Tilted Towers on the way the added threat may make pursuing other options the better choice.

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