Genshin Impact Wind Glider coming this month as part of paid Twitch promotion

Genshin Impact is finally bringing the once China-exclusive Wind Glider cosmetic to all players, but it now costs $10 in Twitch subs rather than a bucket of KFC.

Back in March, Chinese Genshin Impact players were able to unlock the red-and-white glider, then named the Wings of Feasting, by purchasing a specific combo meal from their local KFC and redeeming the included code. At the time, MiHoYo said (opens in new tab) it was looking to bring the glider to other regions and would announce a new acquisition method by the end of July. Fast forward a few months and, halfway through November, the Wind Glider is finally making its global debut as part of a new collaboration with Twitch. 

As MiHoYo explained in a forum post (opens in new tab), from November 25 through December 8, Genshin Impact players can unlock the Wind Glider by purchasing subscriptions for specific Twitch channels. The list of participating streamers will be shared on November 24. Twitch sub prices vary between regions, and first-time subs are 20% off, but on average the glider will cost you about $10. 

There are a few important bits of fine print here. Firstly, renewing existing Twitch subscriptions, gifting anonymous subs, or subscribing for free via Amazon Prime won’t count toward this promotion. You have to purchase individual subs yourself, either by buying two new tier one subs, buying one tier two or tier three sub (which cost $10 and $25, respectively), or (non-anonymously) gifting equivalent subs. Secondly, you have to purchase those subscriptions while that streamer is actively streaming Genshin Impact, not while they’re offline, though it’s not totally clear how this will be tracked. You also have to be Adventure Rank 10 in-game to redeem the code, but that shouldn’t be a problem since anyone willing to shell out for a glider is likely well past rank 10.

KFC Art and Clean images of Noelle and DilucKFC Glider will be obtainable globally in July 7, 2021

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It doesn’t have the greasy flare of the original version (pictured in the old tweet above), but the new Wind Glider bundle does come with a smattering of in-game food – although, bizarrely, not the fried chicken recipe released during the original KFC event, which seems like a missed opportunity – and a paltry sum of Mora. But the gist remains unchanged: $10 or so for another glider. 

To the surprise of no one, this promotion hasn’t gone down well with parts of Genshin Impact’s community. On one hand, if this glider was going to be tied to another purchase, some players say they would’ve preferred buying something they could at least eat. On the other hand, users who don’t like KFC or live near one of the chicken joints are happy they can get this glider anyway.  It was never realistic to expect global players to get this glider for free after Chinese players had to spend money at KFC – often waiting in long lines or contending with chicken scalpers, which are indeed a thing – but the method of acquisition has rubbed some people the wrong way, with some saying that a simple in-game purchase option would’ve been better. 

This isn’t MiHoYo’s first time collaborating with Twitch, so as weird as this fried chicken saga may seem, it’s not terribly surprising. We’ve already seen Genshin Impact Twitch Prime loot drops, timed Twitch-exclusive streams for new updates, and community events where Twitch viewers used a Genshin Impact-themed emote. This is just the latest installment in Genshin Impact’s head-scratchingly odd marketing tactics.

Let’s not forget the time Genshin Impact tried to hold an Elon Musk challenge before the community ratioed it out of existence.  

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