Get a wireless peripheral setup for less than $200 with these Prime Day deals – before they finish tonight

Cord cutters rejoice: if you’re looking to the Prime Day deals to get a fully wireless PC gaming setup (and for home and work use too) then have we got some good news for you. For comfortably less than $200, we can point you towards a wireless, mouse, wireless keyboard, wireless headset, and a wireless bonus item that’ll prove its worth too. In relative terms, this is an absolute steal and represents the kind of opportunities Prime Day gaming deals can offer.

Cutting to it, the Razer Barracuda is yours for just $59.99 (opens in new tab) (a record low, down from $99.99); then you can add the Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro wireless mouse for a record low of $52.24 (opens in new tab) (down from a massive $129.99), and then complete the set with the  Logitech G613 wireless keyboard which is now only $61.99 (opens in new tab) (also down from $129.99). These are not only competent wireless gaming peripherals but genuinely excellent bits of kit that come to just over $170 with a grand savings amount of about $194 – praise be to the Amazon Prime Day deals.

But, ‘What’s the bonus item?’, I hear you ask. Well, inside the mystery box, if you’re willing to spend the extra money saved under that magic $200 threshold is: a wireless desk fan. I thought it very wise, given the summer temperature, to add in a wireless desk fan too that’ll still keep it all under $200. Trust me, it’s worth it, and you’ll thank me: the EasyAcc wireless fan is $21.99 (was $27.99) (opens in new tab), and you can save another 3 bucks with a tick of a coupon box. Nice.

You’ll find the items that make this wireless Prime Day setup below, and loads more of the latest and greatest – and last- Prime Day offers further down the page.

Wireless Prime Day gaming set-up for less than $200

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Razer Barracuda X | $99.99 $59.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $40 – This is such a terrific, underrated headset – particularly at this price – as it’ll offer you wireless connectivity on loads of devices as well as PC. At this price, it’s a record low too which means unparalleled value.

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Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse | $129.99 $52.24 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $77
– At less than half price, this is an amazing discount on this Razer branded wireless mouse. Although not at its all-time low, it comes very close – just three dollars close in fact. This discount is definitely worth taking advantage of if you’re on the hunt for a wireless mouse. 

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Logitech G613 | $129.99 $61.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $68 – doing away with the flashy lighting and design twirls that more expensive wireless keyboards go for, the G613 is a restrained but efficient affair; and one that punches well above its weight, particularly at this price (just a few bucks off its lowest ever).

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EasyAcc wireless desk fan | $27.99 $18.99 at Amazon (after coupon) (opens in new tab)
Save $9 – I have one of these and it’s excellent – and it’s also wireless! Keep those annoying cords away even down to your desk accessories. If you’re happy to spend that extra allowance after the above gear on something to keep you cool then this is it.

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