The loophole has been fixed – you can no longer get PlayStation Plus Premium cheap through PS Now

Update: As feared by many when this method first appeared and was being circulated, Sony seems to have caught on and shut this loophole down. This PS Now subscription method will now no longer work and get you that sweet sweet discount. Below is our original story.

With news of the new-look PS Plus coming last week, folks have been looking for the best PlayStation Plus deals to take advantage of ahead of the June transition time. However, there’s a clever route to saving money available to those after the lofty Premium tier – and that’s to buy, and potentially stock up, on PS Now, well, now.

Right now you can go to the PS Store website (in the USA) and get a 12-month PS Now for $59.99 which will then upgrade and seamlessly transition into PlayStation Plus Premium come that June rollout. Given that 12 months of the Premium level costs $119.99 this represents a 50% discount on the new, top PS Plus tier. You will have to access to grab this PS Now subscription via desktop and on a web browser, but not on a mobile device or your console.

However, like PS Plus, PS Now subs can be stacked, and should your whole PS Now subscription be ported over to the Premium tier, you could save an enormous amount of money. Some folks on social media have reported being able to use a specific PS Store product page to stack as much as a full decade of PS Now in anticipation of getting all of that in the Premium tier too.

Now, there are some big unknowns with this right now so it’s worth taking into consideration an element of risk. For example, while the official info is that PS Now users will be ported over to PlayStation Plus Premium at no extra cost, we don’t know if this is for the entire duration of a stacked sub or just for a certain amount of years – it wouldn’t be too surprising if Sony imposed some form of cap to limit this loophole. And speaking of that, we don’t know if Sony will just find a means to close this system in the future. It’s probably no coincidence that retailer deals for PS Now, and long subscriptions are basically impossible to find right now.

PS Now deals

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PS Now 12-month subscription | $59.99 on the PlayStation Store (opens in new tab)
This is a great means to potentially save a whole bunch of cash on the brand-new PS Plus Premium subscription when it begins later this year. Snap up and stack this PS Now price and then you’ll be ported over to Premium when it rolls out this summer.
The bad news for UK users is that it only looks like you can buy 1-month subscriptions at the PS Store.

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As a quick reminder, PS Now is the streaming service from Sony that runs alongside, but separately, from the PS Plus service. PS Now allows you to stream a range of games, including some older ones, over the internet and can be a great way to expand your library without having to buy loads of individual games.

Away from this US-only route, if you are looking for the best, latest prices for PS Plus, then below our price-finding tech will display the best deals wherever you are in the world.

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