Gran Turismo 7 player brings Kirbys Mouthful Mode into the game by customizing a Fiat

A Gran Turismo 7 player has customized one of the game’s cars to look as though it’s been subject to Mouthful Mode from Kirby and the Forgotten Land. 

This custom car design was created by @Lurikara131 (opens in new tab) and shared by @ZeroLifex00 (opens in new tab) on Twitter. Honestly, we have no idea how much magic went into bringing ‘Carby’ to Gran Turismo 7, we’re just extremely glad it’s here. 

As you can see from the tweet below, this version of Carby started out life as a Fiat but has been transformed into the pink blob by adding pink paint to the top of the car, rust marks on the bottom half, and Kirby’s instantly recognizable blue eyes in between the headlights. If this is the first you’ve heard of Carby, you should take a look at the Kirby and the Forgotten Land Nintendo Direct trailer from February where he makes his first appearance. 

Someone actually did it. #PS5Share #GranTurismo7 6, 2022

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This isn’t the first time Carby has made an appearance in a racing game since his Nintendo Direct debut. In fact, Carby has also since shown up in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe thanks to the use of mods. Unfortunately, unlike the Gran Turismo 7 version, this Carby isn’t available to actually play as but we seriously hope he is if and when Mario Kart 9 reaches our screens.

In other Gran Turismo 7 news, after releasing worldwide just last week, it appears PlayStation has pulled the latest game in the racing series in Russia following the conflict in Ukraine. Sony hasn’t made an official announcement about the storefront listing being missing yet but it could be related to a statement made by the Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister last week which called on PlayStation and Xbox to temporarily ban accounts in Russia and Belarus.

Looking for a way into the new racing game? Take a look at our Gran Turismo 7 tips to get started. 

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