GTA San Andreas Tags locations in Los Santos

GTA San Andreas Tags are used to claim gang territory around the neighborhoods of Los Santos, so you want to make sure everyone knows that the streets belong to the Grove Street Family. If you want to stamp your mark on the city then you’ve got your work cut out, as there are a total of 100 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Tags to spray up, so make sure you’re stocked up on paint for this task. It’s a big job covering over the other gangs’ graffiti, but it’s ultimately a worthwhile pursuit as you’ll not only pick up a big chunk of respect, but also unlock a cache of weapons back at your house, so follow our guide to spray all of the GTA San Andreas Tags locations.

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GTA San Andreas Tags locations

GTA San Andreas Tags locations map

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There are 100 GTA San Andreas Tags located throughout Los Santos, and finding then spray painting them all earns CJ increased respect plus other valuable rewards. Upon completion, the following weapons will now spawn in the kitchen of the Johnson House in Grove Street:

  • Molotov Cocktails
  • Sawn-Off Shotgun
  • Tec-9
  • AK-47

Additionally, Grove Street gang members will be equipped with stronger weapons, such as a knife, Desert Eagle, or SMG. A reference map with all 100 locations is shown above, then we have screenshots and location information for each of the tags.

Note that GTA San Andreas Tags 38, 39, 40, 62, 63, and 64 are all completed during the “Tagging Up Turf” story mission.

GTA San Andreas Tag 1

Tag 1: Southwestern most pier, on the side of a building just past the Ferris Wheel.

GTA San Andreas Tag 2

Tag 2: On a building just east of the pier.

GTA San Andreas Tag 3

Tag 3: On the side of the building

GTA San Andreas Tag 4

Tag 4: In the alley.

GTA San Andreas Tag 5

Tag 5: On the building down by the dock.

GTA San Andreas Tag 6

Tag 6: On the building near the eastern-most pier.

GTA San Andreas Tag 7

Tag 7: On top of part of the building.

GTA San Andreas Tag 8

Tag 8: North side of the building.

GTA San Andreas Tag 9

Tag 9: East side of the building.

GTA San Andreas Tag 10

Tag 10: On top of a section of the building, north side.

GTA San Andreas Tag 11

GTA San Andreas Tags

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Tag 11: East side of the building.

GTA San Andreas Tag 12

Tag 12: West side of building.

GTA San Andreas Tag 13

Tag 13: Up the eastern spiral ramp.

GTA San Andreas Tag 14

Tag 14: South side of the building — this one can be tricky to see, as the tag is orange and blends in with the brick wall.

GTA San Andreas Tag 15

Tag 15: Use the stairs to reach the upper part of the building.

GTA San Andreas Tag 16

Tag 16: On the south side of one of the buildings in the area.

GTA San Andreas Tag 17

Tag 17: West side of a building near the underpass.

GTA San Andreas Tag 18

Tag 18: Northwestern building in the plaza.

GTA San Andreas Tag 19

Tag 19: Northern side of building.

GTA San Andreas Tag 20

Tag 20: Southern side of building.

GTA San Andreas Tag 21

Tag 21: Southern side of building.

GTA San Andreas Tag 22

Tag 22: On the wall of the overpass near the airport.

GTA San Andreas Tag 23

Tag 23: On the south side of the green fence.

GTA San Andreas Tag 24

Tag 24: On the west side of a house near some flowers and a chain-link fence.

GTA San Andreas Tag 25

Tag 25: South wall of the adult store.

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