Grifter and the Resistance are back in Augusts Flashpoint Beyond #4

The world of Flashpoint is back, and so with it Grifter and the Resistance, who appear on a Jim Cheung variant cover for August’s Flashpoint Beyond #4.

The issue, which is the fourth of six, was originally solicited for a May release when the series was due to come out weekly. Now that the limited series is released monthly, Flashpoint Beyond #4 will be resolicited for an August 2 on-sale date. 

The series is written by Geoff Johns, Jeremy Adams, and Tim Sheridan, and the art and a variant cover are by Xermánico.

Flashpoint Beyond #4 main cover by Mitch Gerards

Flashpoint Beyond #4 main cover by Mitch Gerards (Image credit: DC)

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Mitch Gerards draws the new main cover, and Francis Manapul provides another variant. 

Newsarama readers get to see all three of the four covers first. 

Readers of the original 2011 Flashpoint series will remember Cole Cash, AKA Grifter, who was originally from the Wildstorm Universe. Cash led a team called the Resistance, which ‘resisted’ Amazonian rule of the UK.

The team included DC’s Etrigan the Demon and Lady Godiva and original heroes like the Canterbury Cricket, all seen on Cheung’s variant cover for Flashpoint Beyond #4. 

Lois Lane was also recruited to the team in the original Flashpoint. However, Grifter was killed by the Enchantress during the original series.

Flashpoint Beyond #4 variant cover by Xermánico

Flashpoint Beyond #4 variant cover by Xermánico (Image credit: DC)

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Cash and the Resistance’s presence on the issue cover don’t necessarily mean they’ll take center stage in Flashpoint Beyond #4. In fact, another character seems to be in the spotlight. 

While Thomas Wayne-Batman is closing in on the series’ main antagonist, the Clockwork Killer, a young Dexter Dent is in vigilante mode, trying to break his mother Gilda Dent out of Arkham Asylum. And that would be something, considering his age.

In the Flashpoint world, Harvey Dent never became Two-Face and he and his wife Gilda have two children, including Dexter.

Flashpoint Beyond #4 variant cover by Jim Cheung

Flashpoint Beyond #4 variant cover by Jim Cheung (Image credit: DC)

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In Flashpoint Beyond, Harvey was murdered in the first issue, his sister died by suicide, and his mother has had a psychological collapse due to these tragedies.

Dexter, around 10 years old, is being cared for by Thomas and Oswald Cobblepot and showing a desire to learn how to protect himself, which might be a desire to take matters into his own hands.

The Thomas-Cobblepot-Dexter dynamic is a spin on the Bruce-Alfred-Dick Grayson dynamic and it’ll be interesting to see which direction Dexter goes – hero in the Robin mold or violent vigilante in Thomas’ image. 

Dexter isn’t a Robin (yet), but maybe someday he can make Newsarama’s list of the best Robins of all time.

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