PS5 invert camera settings: How to invert camera movement controls on PS5 through system settings

PS5 invert camera settings will always be essential, as the eternal debate over inverted/standard controls is one that everybody takes a side on. If you want to invert camera controls on your PlayStation 5, there’s actually a way to do that, hidden in the console’s system menu, so read on for details of how to find and configure the PS5 invert camera settings for all the supported games below.

Where are the PS5 invert camera settings

PS5 invert camera settings

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Previously you could only change your camera movement controls through the options within individual games, meaning that if you’re an inverter you’d need to change the view setting in every game, and if the option wasn’t available then you just had to deal with what you’d been given. Thanks to the PS5 invert camera settings, you can set your view preferences at system level, which will then be automatically applied to all supported games. To get started, go to Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Game Presets.

PS5 invert camera settings

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As well as being able to set your preferred difficulty, game mode, and subtitle options, you can also configure your PS5 invert camera settings here. Select First-Person View or Third-Person View, then choose whether you want the Vertical and/or Horizontal camera movement for each to be Inverted, Normal, or the Game Default.

Note that games will need to support this feature for your preferences to be automatically applied, and many games will still include their own options to change your PS5 invert camera settings. At the very least though this should speed up the process, and for certain games such as Astro’s Playroom this is the only way to change your view settings.

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