GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced release date delay might be coming

Grand Theft Auto 5’s upcoming new-gen port could be delayed slightly, according to a dataminer.

Over the past weekend, the tweet below from a Brazilian dataminer Matheusvictorbr  gained attention over on ResetEra (opens in new tab). The user firstly claims that development of the upgraded edition of GTA 5 has been challenging, but notes that the launch is still currently slated for less than two months time from now in March 2022.

· Eu recebi algumas informações Recentemente referente ao título: Grand Theft Auto V: Expanded And Enhanced.· O desenvolvimento foi complicado. No momento segue sendo em março, Mas há grandes chances que seja adiado para Abril/Maio. · Um Artigo R* chegando em breve.January 15, 2022

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However, it seems there’s a good chance it could face a slight delay. According to the Matheusvictorbr, although GTA 5’s Expanded and Enhanced edition is set for a March release, there’s a good chance that it could slip slightly, and actually end up launching at some point in April or May instead, potentially delaying the port by two months.

This is all rounded out by the claim that there should be a Rockstar article published relatively soon on the matter. If Rockstar does plan to publish some sort of newswire update, as it’s  frequently done for the likes of Red Dead Online, GTA Online, and the GTA remastered trilogy of late, perhaps this is how it could announce the adjusted release date for GTA 5’s new-gen port.

Right now, all we know is that GTA 5’s new-gen version is slated to launch in March 2022. Rockstar never announced a firm release date during the month however, and now that we’re over four months removed from the initial release date announcement, perhaps this rumored delay is looking increasingly likely.

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