GTA Onlines Contract update didnt happen until Dr. Dre saw GTA 5 for the first time: “He was blown away”

If it wasn’t for legendary rap producer DJ Pooh, GTA Online’s The Contract update might not have happened. 

As explained by DJ Pooh in a new interview with Bet (opens in new tab), the update’s star Dr. Dre was initially poised to pass on Rockstar’s pitch for an update based around him and his music but was convinced to take part when he saw the appeal of the series via GTA 5. DJ Pooh, a longtime fan of GTA and certified Good Friend, brought his PlayStation over to Dr. Dre’s Calabasas mansion and showed him the light.

“He was blown away. He didn’t know you could do all this stuff — all the layers of gameplay that people are calling the metaverse, but it’s doper than that,” said DJ Pooh. “He was like, ‘This shit is awesome,’ and he’s seeing me driving around in a lowrider. We out here putting different rims on the car, getting in a shootout, hanging out with my friends, I got a girlfriend – all that!”

The Contract update ultimately launched in December with a ton of new content, its main story centering around a bunch of highly sought-after unreleased Dr. Dre tracks, which fall into the wrong hands when Dre’s phone goes missing. Both Dr. Dre and DJ Pooh appear as fully voiced non-playable characters in the update. Though it launched a few months ago, you can still check out everything now and reap full rewards for completing the new missions.

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