When do Halo Infinite Challenges reset?

Need to know when Halo Infinite challenges reset? You’ve got a set amount of time to do your daily and weekly challenges before they’re gone for good as the daily reset hits. The Halo Infinite approach to challenges is to put up a long list of weekly goals – with some easy daily match completion ones too – that, if all completed, unlock a unique cosmetic item. That means you have until the weekly challenge reset time to complete them all and get that special item, as anything less will mean you only get the specific XP for completed challenges. That’s why we’ll show you the Halo Infinite weekly reset time below.

Halo Infinite challenge reset time

Halo Infinite Fracture Tenrai multiplayer event weekly challenge list

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The weekly challenges for Halo Infinite reset every Tuesday at exactly the same time, regardless of location. Check your location below for the exact time in your region for when everything reverts to zero, or look at the challenges page in Halo Infinite itself for the countdown to the reset time (it’ll be just to the top right of the weekly challenge list).

  • 11AM PST (US West Coast)
  • 2PM EST (US East Coast)
  • 7PM BST (UK)
  • 8PM CEST (Europe)

Gameplay elements that reset at this point include challenges, progress on challenges, and whatever the final reward you’re working towards will be. It also tends to mark the crossover transition between special events and new seasons, being the point where events end and begin respectively. This means it can heavily impact how you play and progress, as well as your movement through the Halo Infinite Battle Pass.

It’s unclear if we’ll see any changes either to the weekly challenge reset time, either in terms of when it takes place or what it is that’s reset, in the future. Aspects of Halo Infinite’s progression system and how to level up fast in Halo Infinite are constantly being tweaked and altered by 343 Industries in response to player feedback and balancing, so it’s entirely possible that elements might be altered going forward. If that happens, we’ll be sure to update this page accordingly so you always have the most up-to-date information possible for Halo Infinite.

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