Halo Infinite flight times confirmed ahead of second beta weekend

After the most recent Halo Infinite beta, you might be wondering when the next Halo test flight is and what the flight times are. The last test flights ran from September 23 – 26 and September 30 – October 3, with the latter featuring multiplayer sessions for Big Team Battle. Players could try out the new Fragmentation map for 12 vs 12 Big Team Battle gametypes in Halo Infinite, including Total Control, Capture the Flag, and Big Team Slayer with all the vehicular carnage that bigger maps and modes bring. While we don’t know the times for the next Halo Infinite beta, here’s what you need about whether there will be another one at all.

When is the next Halo Infinite test flight?

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The short answer is simply we don’t know. With Halo Infinite’s December 8 release date rapidly approaching, there’s not much time left for 343 Industries to run another set of beta test flights for the game. Although, it seems unlikely that we’ve seen the last of the multiplayer test flights, and another pre-launch set of tests may be available at some point between now and Halo Infinite’s launch in December.

The most recent test flights took place over two weekends and had several limited-time multiplayer sessions where players could try out some new weapons, vehicles, and game modes against each other. While the insider flights haven’t had the full weapon and equipment sandboxes, some players were lucky enough to get access to arena matches full of previously unavailable gear right at the end of the flight. Later, players discovered a glitch that allowed them to get into a custom game lobby where they could properly test the new weapons out. It could be that 343 Industries is planning a large final test flight that gives players full access to the Halo Infinite weapons sandbox, allowing everyone to try out the new items, including the Stalker Rifle, Cindershot, and Thruster Pack.

Please bear in mind that this is total speculation. We have no insider knowledge about the possibility of any upcoming Halo Infinite test flights, but it does seem unlikely that the most recent one was the last one. The end of October and beginning of November could be a likely slot for some tests, leaving the final month of development to work on the last few major fixes and examine some player data to begin working on post-launch updates. Either way, make sure you keep an eye out for any news on upcoming Halo Infinite beta tests and check back here for the latest information on when those will be.

Here’s what we thought of the Halo Infinite beta after the first test weekend.

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