Halo Infinite battle pass progression has players calling for match-based XP

The Halo Infinite Battle Pass progression is proving a major bone of contention for new players.

After the surprise drop of the Halo Infinite multiplayer mode last night, players were quick to jump in. While early impressions are positive, the community seems united on one particular issue – the speed of progression for the game’s Season One Battle Pass.

At the time of writing, almost every post on the front page of the Halo subreddit (opens in new tab) is dedicated to discussion around the current system, which only offers experience based on challenges completed, rather than the number of matches you play or win, or your performance in those games.

The top post (opens in new tab), titled “there MUST be per-match XP,” states that “leveling the battle pass is frustrating, completing a hard-fought game only to slowly see increments of sometimes 100-200xp per challenge and nothing else. I really hope they implement XP for matches completed and matches won.” Dozens of similar posts can be found across the subreddit, with many praising the game overall but expressing dissatisfaction with this particular system. One player said (opens in new tab) that in an hour of playing, they had yet to even hit level two.

It’s an impressively united front from the community, especially given its apparent enjoyment of the game itself, but it’s not clear whether developer 343 Industries will make a change. Back in August, community manager John Junyszek confirmed the challenge-based approach, stating that there would almost always be daily challenges to take advantage of. He also, however, stated that there would be no match-based XP “at launch,” implying that the community’s voice might be heard in regard to future changes.

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