Horizon Forbidden West turns into SSX as Aloy finds the perfect slope to slide down

A Horizon Forbidden West player has discovered a way to turn the game into SSX as Aloy finds a particularly slippery slope to slide down. 

As shared in the Horizon subreddit (opens in new tab), there is a way to make Aloy pay homage to EA Sports’ snowboarding game, just not in the way you’d expect. In the video shared on Reddit, one player takes Aloy to a snowy part of the Horizon Forbidden West map and guides her down a hill which results in the Nora tribe member sliding down it –  SSX style. It’s not quite as high-octane as the classic sports game, perhaps, but it’s still an impressive downhill run.

she_fight_she_save_the_world_but_most_importantly from r/horizon

Unfortunately, players won’t get anything out of this trick (although a trophy would have been a nice touch, Guerrilla)  but if you’re looking for a fun way to kill time before your next side quest, why not treat yourself to some harmless fun by sending Aloy skidding down the side of a mountain. 

It looks like this area in the Horizon Forbidden West map is hiding more than just a slippy slope though, as another player recently discovered a hole in the map hidden just beyond the side of the mountains. 

Also originally shared in the subreddit, a small passageway that has probably gone unnoticed by so many others is located at a random spot on the side of the mountain and will lead Aloy gaping hole underneath the game’s map. Although probably just an underdeveloped area in the game, it’s still pretty cool to see the action of the Forbidden West from a different perspective. 

Similarly, Aloy is also able to use the elements to her advantage to ride tornadoes with her glider, as one player also recently discovered. 

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