Horizon Forbidden West lets Aloy ride tornadoes with her glider

It turns out Horizon Forbidden West lets Aloy ride tornadoes with her glider.

Just below, you can see a popular clip on the Horizon subreddit, which emerged over the past weekend. The clip shows a player taking off in a sandstorm using Aloy’s glider in Horizon Forbidden West, but they can actually use the tornado to stay airborne for longer than usual, keeping themselves afloat at a steady level.

It’s a neat little discovery, and one many players likely never would’ve thought to even try. After all, your instinct is going to tell you to run in the opposite direction when facing down a tornado, no matter how powerful your Aloy is, so it’s no wonder this quiet feature has stayed hidden for over a week.

In the comments underneath the post, plenty of people are debating what would happen if Aloy actually did run through a tornado. It turns out, according to the world of Horizon Forbidden West, that these aren’t technically “tornadoes,” but are actually smaller “dust devils” instead. Given that nugget of information, it’s hard to see Aloy floating through a full-blown tornado and emerging unscathed.

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