Amazon offers first PS5 restock in over a month

Amazon dropped its first PS5 restock in weeks today, and while that $499.99 Disk Edition (opens in new tab) has sold out of its first wave (by the looks of it anyway), we’d recommend checking back in regularly. Retailers often launch their PS5 stock drops in waves, switching supply off when demand grows too high for the site, and back on again when things have quietened down. That means we’d recommend staying in touch with Amazon right now, as you may stumble into a new round of PS5 restocks. 

You will need to be a Prime member to take part in today’s PS5 restock, but a free trial is working at the moment. You can currently grab 30 days free (opens in new tab), with the service renewing at $14.99 per month after that. 

That’s a pretty heavy turnaround considering the drought we’ve been seeing in recent weeks, though with retailers like Walmart and GameStop gearing up for more drops, it seems a new shipment as just rolled in. Be sure to check the ‘See All Buying Options’ tab, as the console has appeared here as well. 

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PS5 | $499.99 Amazon (opens in new tab)
The PS5 disk edition was in stock at Amazon today, and while things have quietened down a little we’d heavily recommend sticking around. We’re expecting more units to become available throughout the day as the PS5 restock waves roll on, so keep checking in and refreshing.

PS5 restocks: the latest updates

Our PS5 restock top tips

You’ll want to make the most of this flash of PS5 stock, they’re looking particularly rare right now. To help you do just that, we’ve put together a list of our best tips and tricks, gathered by tracking PS5 restocks ever since launch.

1. Keep refreshing
We’ve had the best success by brute forcing our way through to checkout, that means refreshing the page until you see stock ready to go – across a few tabs at least.

2. Check ‘See All Buying Options’
Amazon’s PS5 restocks often go straight into alternative buying options, which can be pain for the stock tracker. Keep checking every possible port of purchase to make sure you’re not missing the bounty by staying on the main product page. 

3. Use mobile apps
If you’re struggling to break through on desktop, it’s worth keeping an eye on your phone. Many have reported success by tracking stock via Amazon own app as well as on their desktop site. 

4. Check back throughout the day
Amazon will likely be launching this PS5 restock in waves, so it makes sense to stick around until demand has died down if you do keep running up short. 

If you manage to secure the console, don’t forget to check out our guides on the best PS5 headsets and best TV for PS5. Equally, our PS5 SSD or best PS5 external hard drives guides may be of use if you’re looking for bonus storage.

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