Squid Game creator is making a film that’s ‘more violent’ than the Netflix series

Squid Game director Hwang Dong-hyuk has a bloody new project in the works.

Dong-hyuk, whose previous feature films include South Korean box office hits like Miss Granny and The Fortress, is currently developing a new thriller titled Killing Old People Club.

“It will be more violent than Squid Game,” the director revealed (opens in new tab), adding that it will more than likely be “another controversial film.”

The film, which at the moment only has a 25-page treatment, is based on a novel by Italian novelist and philosopher Umberto Eco. The project is currently under the working title, K.O. Club.

Squid Game fans are in luck, as Dong-hyuk is on his way back to South Korea to write the second season. The survival thriller is Netflix’s no. 1 most-streamed show of all time, pulling in over 1.65 billion hours of streaming time just 28 days after its September 2021 premiere. Though he had no initial plans for a follow-up, Netflix went ahead and ordered a second season due to the show’s massive success.

Steven Spielberg recently celebrated the Korean drama at the PGA awards, praising it for changing the industry for the better. “A long time ago it was domestic stars that brought the audience into movies,” Spielberg said. “Today, it’s interesting, unknown people can star in an entire miniseries, can be in movies.”

While Killing Old People Club does not yet have a release date, Dong-hyuk is hoping to have Squid Game season 2 done in time for a 2024 Netflix release. 

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