iPad Mini deals are running out of stock fast, but you can still save $90 today

iPad Mini deals have started to rear their heads in recent months, as the latest generation adds to its time on the shelves. We’ve seen some extraordinary offers on this miniature tablet over the last couple of weeks, but many have since run off the shelves. If you missed out, though, it’s worth muscling in for this last remaining discount at Amazon. 

The Pink and Starlight 64GB iPad Minis are still available for $409 right now (opens in new tab) – a $90 discount over the $499 MSRP. While that’s $10 away from the lowest price ever, other colorways are a lot more difficult to get hold of this week. The Purple model, for example, has snuck up to $474 (opens in new tab), and Space Gray is out of stock. These iPad Mini deals might not last much longer, then, so if you’re after a discount soon we’d recommend jumping in quick. 

Prime Day iPad deals are just around the corner, but we’re not expecting it to be a blowout for the Mini. This range is refreshed so infrequently that Apple is often keen to have it hold its MSRP for as long as possible. That means we could simply be seeing a return to this price position in July’s iPad deals – just with even more competition behind it. 

You’ll find more information on this offer just below, and more of the latest iPad Mini deals further down the page. 

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iPad Mini (WiFi, 64GB) | $499 $409 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $90 – The Pink 2021 iPad Mini is down to $409 at Amazon right now. That’s excellent considering other colorways are either out of stock or creeping closer to that $499 MSRP. Not only that, but this is only $10 more than the record low price.

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Apple’s devices are some of the best gaming tablets on the market, so picking one up for a discount is a steal. You’ll find all the latest iPad deals across the full range just below. 

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