Lazy Elden Ring players try to farm runes while AFK, get farmed by invaders instead

An Elden Ring AFK rune farm is clogging up PvP, but clever invaders have found ways to farm the farmers. 

The infamous rune farm can be accessed just south of the starting point of the game in Limgrave, as this handy video from Idicus (opens in new tab) demonstrates. This farm leverages the game’s multiplayer system by essentially foddering would-be invaders. Hosts jump down to a hard-to-reach ledge and then use the Furlcalling Finger Remedy with the Taunter’s Tongue to open themselves up to invasions, finishing the farm with the White Cipher Ring which automatically summons defenders when you get invaded. 

The plan is for invaders to queue up and then die to auto-summoned defenders, fall to their deaths while searching for the hidden host, or get bored and leave to make room for another invader who’ll hopefully fall for this little scheme. Unfortunately for the AFK crowd, FromSoftware fans are no stranger to PvP cheese and quickly found ways to turn the tables on this farm. 

dude_wasnt_even_afk_smh from r/Eldenring

Reddit user SwaxOnSwaxOff shared one solution to the problem. See, you can’t summon Torrent in multiplayer, which makes reaching the go-to AFK ledge quite the conundrum. But that’s nothing that the three-stage special attack of Malenia’s sword can’t fix. SwaxOnSwaxOff is able to Waterfowl Dance their way to the ledge and makes quick work of the rune-farming host. Players have also found success hunting AFK players with powerful AoE spells like the dragon breath incantations, as well as ranged weapons like the Jar Cannon.

This rune farm has disrupted Limgrave PvP to the point that some players say the majority of their invasions lead to AFK hosts, which is bad news for folks looking for fair duels but good news for anyone who enjoys bullying farmers. There are many better and less annoying Elden Ring Rune farming locations out there if you’re looking to bulk up.

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