LG C2 review: “A leading-edge OLED TV”

LG has pulled out all the stops for its LG C2 TV range, brand new for 2022. Now classified as an Evo display (last year the only Evo model was the Gallery series G1), it combines leading-edge panel design with Brightness Boosting technology, and a powerful new Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor to make one of the best gaming TV and best TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X candidates of the year.

The result is the most visually dynamic C-series OLED flatscreen we’ve seen from LG. Want more to drool over? How about multi-flavoured VRR and 4K 120fps support?

Features & Design

LG has made some changes when it comes to the design and finish of the chassis on the C2 – and I like it. The brand has used a new composite material on the back panel, which has made the set lighter than its predecessor, at 14.8kg, and added softer edges to the bit that contains all the electronics and inputs. This weight saving is a boon if you intend to wall mount. It’s not just the TV that has lost weight, however. LG’s onscreen cursor Magic Remote has shrunk too, although it works the same way. The remote features shortcut buttons for Netflix, Disney+, Rakuten TV, and Prime Video which I found incredibly handy.

Connectivity is class-leading. All four HDMIs are 4K 120fps compatible, while VRR support includes NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync ensuring this has all the hallmarks of one of the best 120Hz 4K TVs. Elsewhere, HDMI 2 is compatible with eARC/ARC, for soundbar hook-up, and there’s also an optical digital audio output, plus an Ethernet port to support Wi-Fi. The set has both a terrestrial aerial input, which is Freeview Play enabled in the UK and a satellite tuner.


(Image credit: Future/Steve May)

LG’s webOS platform bristles with OTT offerings, including Britbox, Now, Rakuten TV, and Sky Store. That Freeview Play terrestrial tuner also comes with all mainstream catch-up players too. 

But the biggest attraction is the set’s Game Optimizer. This is a dedicated user interface that groups all relevant game info into a single panel, with easy access to Genre image presets, including Standard, FPS, and RTS. The Game Optimiser automatically activates when a Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, or NVIDIA Shield is connected which also triggers ALLM Game mode. Importantly, input lag is very good too: I measured latency at 13.1ms with 1080/60 content.


(Image credit: Future/Steve May)


Long story short: The C2 offers better HDR and general image dynamics than any LG C-series screen before it. For me, it clearly outperforms its predecessor, the C1, thanks to that killer combo of Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor and new panel technology.

The aforementioned Brightness Booster is actually a suite of algorithms, powered by the processor, able to analyse images and prioritise brighter areas of a frame. It’s darn clever and very effective. But here’s a key point: the two smaller C2 screen sizes, 48- and 42-inch, do not benefit from this extra luminosity. That’s because the pixel pitch on these screens is too small to create a comparable uptick.

HDR support covers Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10, and HLG, as well as HGiG, the HDR gaming standard. There’s no HDR10+ support, however, as used by Prime Video, which is a bit of a disappointment. Overall though, the C2’s HDR performance is very good indeed; I measured HDR peaks at just over 800 nits, using the Natural image preset. This is more than enough for really spectacular highlights, while images have tangible depth and colour pop too making for a great experience no matter the media.


(Image credit: Future/Steve May)

Support for High Frame Rate video makes the C2 a perfect partner for new-gen games consoles, of course. The smoothness of the video, with no overt artefacts, is transformative and playing Call of Duty Warzone at 120fps (on the PS5) is sublime – the display is silky smooth, with no overt banding; it felt like I was fragging on skates.

The set looks pretty darn fabulous at lesser frame rates too. The Matrix Awakens demo reveals astounding levels of fine detail, enhanced by that Alpha 9 Gen 5 silicon, with no intrusive grain or ringing. Are Keanu and Carrie real or CG? It’s genuinely difficult to tell here.

Away from the visual, the audio quality here is reasonable. Using the AI Sound Pro mode, you get the impression that audio is coming from the screen rather than firing downward from its physical drivers. That said, as the C2 supports Dolby Atmos, I think it makes sense to partner the screen with a capable soundbar or separate audio system.


(Image credit: Future/Steve May)

Overall – should you buy it?

If you’re after a leading edge OLED TV, then the C2 is an easy panel to recommend and will set the bar for the best QLED TVs to rival it this year and beyond. The LG C2 gets just about everything right. The move to Evo-class glass powered by Alpha 9 Gen 5 processing has resulted in better ambient light viewing and improved HDR dynamics, all without compromising its darkroom movie performance. 

Of course, where the C2 really scores is with its gaming support. Offering a full complement of HDMI v2.1 inputs, with High Frame Rate compliance, makes it a set to shortlist if you’re a PS5 or Xbox Series X owner.

I really found it difficult not to fall in love with the LG C2. It’s a fantastic screen, offering high full-field brightness with enviable HDR handling, and boasting a hugely impressive processor. 4Kk HDR looks terrific – Disney+ and Netflix Dolby Atmos shows are superbly cinematic – and upscaling of HD sources is top-notch too. This is a brilliant TV.

How we tested the LG C2

As befits a posh OLED designed for movies, sports, and gaming, I spent a lot of time ogling this screen with a variety of content. The set’s webOS platform comes with a host of streaming services baked in, as well as HD catch-up TV services. Upscaling was mainly appreciated via The Ipcress File (hyper stylised, with pronounced contrast), DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (pop art colour palette), and Clarice (dark and moody).

Apart from its own apps, external video sources included a Sky Q set top box running in 4K HDR (if you want to test motion and dynamics, you won’t go far wrong with Sky Sports’ Formula 1 coverage), and a Fire TV Stick 4K Max, with all key streaming services on tap. Dolby Vision viewings included Moon Knight (Disney+) and Metal Lords (Netflix). Peak HDR and input lag measurements were carried out using standard industry test charts and tools. 

For gaming, I partnered the screen with a PlayStation 5 and then spent an inordinate amount of time playing Demon’s Souls and Call of Duty.  

The LG C2 is one of the best bits of PS5 and Xbox Series X companion tech going – why not browse other top PS5 gear in the shape of our guides to the best PS5 SSDs, best PS5 headsets, and best monitor for PS5 to round out your setup.

The Verdict


5 out of 5


The LG C2 sets a high bar for high-end 4k OLED performance, with superb gaming support and boasting new Brightness Boosting picture technology,

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