Looks like Final Fantasy 16 combat could have a lot in common with Devil May Cry 5

A Final Fantasy 16 fan has compared its combat to Devil May Cry 5’s, after the latter’s combat lead was hired at Square Enix.

Final Fantasy 16 was originally announced all the way back in 2020 with a brief in-game trailer, which saw protagonist Clive pulling off a number of stylish combat moves. Shortly after, YouTuber P44/GPRS put out the video just below, but it’s flown under the radar until now, a year and a half later, when Final Fantasy 16 fans have unearthed it in the pursuit for more information about the forthcoming RPG.

In the video itself, we can see footage of Clive carving through enemies with a short blade in Final Fantasy 16, lunging at them with piercing attacks. The user then takes the move and replicates it in Devil May Cry 5, and as it turns out, there’s actually a huge amount of parallels between the two games when it comes to pure combat moves and abilities. 

This video is also a great look at how action-orientated Final Fantasy 16 is. Back when the title was first unveiled in 2020, we immediately know it’d take after Final Fantasy 15, ditching turn-based combat for a more fluid real-time system. This video showcases all the real-time combat elements perfectly, as Clive tosses enemies into the air for quick combo attacks.

As mentioned previously though, the fan is drawing comparisons between Final Fantasy 16’s combat and Devil May Cry 5’s battle moves, because DMC5 combat lead Ryota Suzuki was hired to an unknown role at Square Enix before Final Fantasy 16 was unveiled. The speculation has always been that Suzuki was hired to head up Final Fantasy 16’s combat, despite the dev nor Square Enix ever confirming or denying the speculation.

Right now though, we’re just waiting to finally see something new from Final Fantasy 16. It’s been over a year and a half since we saw anything of the new RPG, and despite producer Naoki Yoshida recently saying it was in the “final stages of development,” fans are still waiting for new info. At least we know a new trailer is “done” and waiting in the wings to go.

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