Luke Cage is now Marvels Mayor of New York City

Marvel’s Devil’s Reign event wrapped up with April 6’s Devil’s Reign #6 (opens in new tab), which put a bow on the saga of Wilson Fisk/Kingpin’s scheme to rid New York City of costumed vigilantes and to kill Daredevil once and for all.

With the conclusion of the story come big developments for Daredevil and Kingpin, naturally – but also for their home turf of New York itself. What do we mean? 

Well, the Kingpin was Mayor of New York City, his mind-control scheme using the Purple Man was thwarted, and he was (seemingly) arrested, leaving the office unoccupied …but quickly filled … by Luke Cage.

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In the aftermath of Wilson Fisk killing Mike Murdock, Matt Murdock’s twin brother, thinking he was killing Daredevil himself, all hell has broke loose in the streets of Manhattan. The Purple Man used his enhanced mind control powers to devastating effect, sending Fisk’s Thunderbolts on a rampage through the city alongside hordes of mind-controlled citizens.

Through it all, Luke Cage stood strong, doing his utmost to protect Joseph, the last remaining son of the Purple Man, who absorbed the powers of all his other children, seemingly killing them in the process.

As the Purple Man tried to mesmerize Cage into killing his son, Cage resisted, protecting Joseph and encouraging him to fight back against his father’s control. Joseph did, and with the support of Luke, managed to psychically overpower the Purple Man, ending the rampage around him. 

At the same time, Daredevil and Elektra took Fisk down, with Daredevil finding the wherewithal to spare Fisk’s life, leading to his arrest and impending removal as mayor of New York City.

As the arrest unfolded, Luke’s wife Jessica Jones pointed out that Fisk being ousted meant that Luke would now be running for Mayor unopposed – meaning he’d likely be the next mayor of New York City.

So when did Luke put his hat in the ring? That happened back in earlier issues of Devil’s Reign, at the start of Fisk’s anti-hero policy. Though Tony Stark initially tried to run against Fisk, it’s Luke Cage who wound up becoming Fisk’s strongest (literally, considering Cage’s super strength) political opposition in the race for Mayor, thanks to his reputation as a man and a hero of the people.

Now, with Fisk off the board in New York and no longer running for another term as Mayor, Luke Cage did indeed seem to be the probable next Mayor of New York City – though, in a letter page essay at the conclusion of the issue, editor Devin Lewis seems to confirm Luke has already been deputized at the new Mayor (don’t sure how that worked constitutionally, but hey, comic books!). 

Lewis goes on to say more details will be revealed in May 18’s Devil’s Reign: Omega bookend one-shot, including what the Thunderbolts will look like under Luke’s direction … for a second time. 

Lewis also promises “incredible” plans for Luke will be revealed in the coming months. 

Now that Devil’s Reign has concluded, will it find a place among the best Daredevil stories of all time?

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