Irredeemables Mark Waid and Peter Krause confirm the series return

Ten years after the conclusion of the classic Boom! Studios title Irredeemable, writer Mark Waid and artist Peter Krause are apparently returning to their tale of a Superman-like hero gone wrong.

Following a vague teaser from Boom Studios! announcing “Mark Waid is still evil,” along with the Irredeemable logo, Waid and Krause confirmed in an interview with (opens in new tab) that Irredeemable will return for a brand new run in 2023. Boom! also released an updated version of its teaser image, with the original ripped away to reveal the series logo and the year 2023.

Irredeemable returns in 2023

Irredeemable returns in 2023 (Image credit: Boom! Studios)

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“What we can say is that it’s not set back in the day. It is a catch-up on what the Irredeemable Universe is all these years later,” Waid says. “All that said, I’m sure there’s a place for Plutonian in that story because it’s his story… It is an outgrowth of what you saw before. Pete and I are 10 years older and 10 years, hopefully, better at our jobs. So hopefully, it will continue to entertain.”

Krause adds, “[With the original IRREDEEMABLE series] I was learning on the job again, it felt like. I just felt like a newcomer… [But] I’ve stayed very active in drawing comic books [since]. So I feel like the skill level is there. And obviously, I’ve made the changeover now to working digitally, which gives me a lot of freedom. So I am really looking forward to getting back into the Irredeemable Universe with my full powers intact.”

The original teaser from Boom! echoes pre-publication promos for the original series, which declared, “Mark Waid is Evil! Mark Waid is Irredeemable!” Boom! Studios even offered an exclusive “Mark Waid is Evil!” t-shirt at New York Comic Con in 2009. 

Mark Waid is still Evil

(Image credit: Boom! Studios)

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Following the teaser, Boom! Studios also announced a Kickstarter campaign for The Complete Irredeemable Deluxe Edition Library, featuring hardcover editions of Irredeemable, Incorruptible, and Insufferable, as well as special edition printings of each series’ debut issues and other perks for backers. A day after launch, the campaign has earned more than $100 thousand in pledges, more than 10x its original goal.

Irredeemable debuted in April 2009 and ran for 37 issues until May 2012. Written by Waid and primarily illustrated by Krause, the series also features art by Diego Barreto and Eduardo Barreto, colorist Andrew Dalhouse and letterer Ed Dukeshire. Editor Matt Gagnon oversaw the series. 

Irredeemable follows former superhero the Plutonian after he lobotomizes his sidekick, Samsara, destroys Sky City, and murders millions, becoming the world’s greatest supervillain. In the first issue, he kills his former ally, the Hornet, as well as his entire family.

In its final issue, Irredeemable sees the Plutonian take a fatal wound from radiation, seemingly ending the series for good. However, the series’ apparent return and the crossed-out “R.I.P.” in the initial announcement — as well as Waid’s assurance that the Plutonian may have a role — indicate a resurrection of the hero-turned-villain.

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