11 Monster Hunter Rise tips to know before you hunt

Even the most seasoned pro will want some Monster Hunter Rise tips before they head out to take on a monster 10 times their size. With a bunch of new features to learn – Monster Hunter Rise wirebugs being the most prominent – there’s always something new to learn. This is a series famous for a steep learning curve so out help will help you climb that hill. So, before you set out to save Kamura, read these Monster Hunter Rise tips and make sure you get your hunt off to a good start.

1. Speak to everyone because they’ll often have side quests for you

Monster Hunter Rise tips: Talk to everyone

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As far as Monster Hunter Rise tips go this is a one hit trick but before you go out hunting and embark on your first quest, make sure you explore every nook and cranny of Kamura. Talk to everyone and they’ll often have requests and side quests for you to embark on, but you need to make sure you’ve introduced yourself to everyone first or they won’t ask things of you. Make sure you check every corner of every area too, because there are some sneaky hidden paths to find, inside buildings you wouldn’t otherwise go in and such.

2. Always fill out your optional subquests before venturing out

Monster Hunter Rise tips: Fill optional subquests

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Before you leave the village for any missions always make sure you fill out your Optional  Subquests. You can get these from Hinoa the Quest Maiden in the central hub area. They’re mostly simple tasks like gathering insects and slaying small monsters which are easy to complete while on bigger missions. They nearly always award Amor Spheres to improve your gear and the Kamura Points currency. They can also award various different items like Twisted Remains, exciteshroom and so on. They’re a great way of getting more out of a run and the options are varied enough that you can pick the best choices to get the most of whatever mission you’re about to undertake. This is probably one of the most important Monster Hunter Rise tips because it can easily increase your gains and help you boost armor quicker. 

3. Use the training area and early missions to test all the weapons…

Monster Hunter Rise tips: Use the training area

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There are a lot of weapons to get your head around and while the list of Monster Hunter Rise best weapons is subjective at best, you can at least head to the training area and try them all. You’ll get a list of moves and combos on screen to make it easier to learn the weighting and timing of everything and not have to worry about being attacked as you get a feel for each weapon type. However, while it’s a great way to pick some favourites, definitely take your top pick out to test them in the field before you commit too much to a certain option – something that feels great against the dummy might feel awful once things start moving around and fighting back. 

4. …but don’t sweat weapon choice early on, as stuff continues to unlock for hours

Monster Hunter Rise tips: Stuff unlocks for ages

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You might agonise about picking weapons but it doesn’t make too much difference in the first few hours. Certain moveset, abilities and features continue to unlock through to level 4 missions, while potential upgrades are locked out until you reach certain monsters and point in the story. Most of the basic story is really building for end game runs so you won’t get the full range of each weapon’s potential until you reach a much later stage. 

5. Use Expedition Quests, or avoid killing your main target, to have more time to explore

Monster Hunter Rise tips: Use expedition quests to explore

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If you go on a hunt it’ll automatically end as soon as you kill your target so if you have any optional quests, of resources you want to gather do those before you finish the big bad. If you want all the time in the world though pick an Expedition Quests which lets you enter an area with no timelimites. You can still hunt all the usual monsters you’ve previously encountered but you’ll only leave the area when you choose to. It’s the best way to grind for the parts you need for crafting. 

6. Use the Move Around Village shortcut to find missions easily

Monster Hunter Rise tips: Move around village is a useful shortcut

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When you’re back at the village the Shortcut 1 menu has a ‘Move Around Village’ that brings up a map of all the different areas in town. Obviously it’s handy to fast travel anywhere you need to go, but it also highlights if there are any missions you can pick up by talking to people. If you see a little speech bubble next to a location it means someone there wants to talk to you. 

7. Toggle Focus Camera instead of Target Camera to follow monsters you’re hunting

Monster Hunter Rise tips: Change camera type to Focus Camera to lock on

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If you’re having trouble staying on target with your attacks, you can enter the settings and change the camera style to Focus Camera instead of Target Camera. This will mean the camera automatically locks on to your foe for you. It’s a huge help for newbies to the Monster Hunter series, or anyone struggling to grapple with the Switch controls. Check out our guide on the Monster Hunter Rise lock on mechanic for more details on how to enable it and how it works exactly.

8. Use L to orient your camera on the monster you’re fighting, if you’re using Target Camera settings

Monster Hunter Rise tips: Use L to target the monster you're fighting

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Alternatively, if you prefer to stick with the Target Camera settings, you can reorient your camera whenever you’re fighting a monster. If you’ve dodged immediately after it does a big lunge attack or leaps over your head, press L. This will immediately spin your camera round to focus on the monster you’re fighting. Unfortunately, this only works on the big monsters, not small ones – pressing L outside of a large monster fight will swing your camera round to face the direction your character is facing instead.

9. If you’re carrying something don’t fall from great heights or it’ll break

Monster Hunter Rise tips: Don't drop anything you're carrying to camp

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Around the furthest point from your starting camp in each biome, you’ll find a special resource that you have to physically carry back to camp. Whether it’s a Rhenoplos Egg or a Bismuth Chunk, you have to lug it all the way back to the starter camp – a sub-camp doesn’t count. Problem is, you can’t ride your Palamute, nor can you sprint; you need to use the wirebug and carefully traverse the environment back to camp. Don’t fall from a height though or whatever you’re carrying will smash, so make sure you soften any landings with an almost-horizontal wirebug dash when you’re about to hit the ground.

10. Eat at the canteen before a quest for buffs

Monster Hunter Rise tips: Eat at the canteen for passive buffs

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You can sit at either the canteen in the main village or inside the hub to order some Dango, which is food that has a chance to give you passive buffs for your next quest. It’s incredibly cheap – only 100pts or 200z each time you eat – and is worth doing every time you embark on a hunt because you can get some brilliant buffs ranging from increasing damage dealt by kunai, preventing you from being knocked down, increasing specific elemental resistance, and plenty more.

11. Listen out for voice quips to know when attacks are coming, or when a monster can be trapped

Monster Hunter Rise tips: Listen for character voice quips

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If you’re not well-versed enough with the Monster Hunter series to recognise monster animation patterns when they’re about to attack, make sure you’re keeping an ear out for your character shouting. They will often yell something like “here comes a big one!” when the large monster you’re fighting is about to attack, which is your cue to dodge or wirebug away. 

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