Moon Knight theory suggests heartbreaking connection between Marc and Steven

After we only got a glimpse of Oscar Isaac’s splinter personality in the opener, Moon Knight episode 2 features some revelations about Marc Spector. ‘Summon The Suit‘, introduces his wife Layla (May Calamawy), and some details about his dodgy past as a mercenary are exposed. 

We also get to see him in action in the fight against Ammit’s Jackal, and there are plenty of interactions between Marc and Steven that prove just how different they are. The Marvel show has yet to provide any answers about why they are stuck together, but one fan theory suggests there may be a bigger reason behind their polar personalities.

Moon Knight theory: Steven Grant is a manifestation of Marc Spector’s guilt

Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight

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Posting on Reddit, one fan suggested (opens in new tab) Steven may be a manifestation of everything Marc wishes he could have been. Writing after the episode aired, they penned: “So it would seem Steven is the manifestation of all Marc’s guilt. Not just when it comes to Layla or his past, even down to the small things like being a vegan or having a relationship with his mother.”

The post continued: “All things Marc wishes he had done better are represented by Steven.” This comes through in particular moments where Marc and Steven make opposite choices at every turn.

For instance, when Steven learns Layla and Marc are planning to get divorced, he responds: “I’d never divorce you.” He then also attempts to backtrack on Marc’s efforts to distance himself from her by appealing for her help over the mystery with the scarab.

Another telling moment comes when Layla questions whether Steven had managed to reconcile with his mother after he mentioned he was staying in her flat. Layla asks: “So you guys are talking again?” Steven is taken aback, having been unaware they had ever fallen out. This comes after we’ve seen an attentive Steven leaving endless voicemails on his mom’s answering machine.

With these family problems plaguing him, it does seem interesting that Marc has a separate version of himself free of these issues. Could he have manifested a part of himself distanced from his anxieties? 

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight

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Other fans agreed this theory had some weight to it, as they shared their insights about what was happening. Replying, one wrote (opens in new tab): “Marc is clearly burdened by the things he’s done and it seems like he’s being coerced into a lot of shit with the threat of his wife taking up the mantle of the avatar if he refuses.”

Another suggested that Steven loving Layla’s favorite poet Marceline Desbordes-Valmore could also be a manifestation of this. They speculated (opens in new tab): “Liking his wife’s favorite poet was another example I noticed. I bet she asked Marc to read that like 100 times.” A third user also wondered (opens in new tab) if Steven could be a manifestation of Marc’s “gentle side”.

Isaac has suggested one of his big hopes with the series is to portray Dissociative Identity Disorder “honestly”. He told Vanity Fair (opens in new tab): “I’m really proud that our show gives this real, honest look at what it’s like to deal with mental health illness in an empathetic way.”

We could see some more dissection of this going forward, as well as what it means for Marc and Steven to know about the different versions of themselves. 

While we wait for some more answers, why not check out our Moon Knight release schedule to make sure you keep track of when new episodes are released wherever you are. You can also check out our guide to Marvel Phase 4 releases. If you haven’t already, then subscribe to Disney Plus here (opens in new tab).

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