Naughty Dog is back in the mocap studio working on mystery project

The Last of Us 2 studio Naughty Dog is back in the mocap studio working on a currently unknown project. 

Marianne Hayden, senior cinematic animator at Naughty Dog, shared a photo of herself alongside two actors in the mocap studio to Twitter recently with the caption “always nice to be back on the stage!”

Always nice to be back on the stage! #mocap @Mark_Musashi @Naughty_Dog 16, 2021

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Obviously we have no way of knowing what the trio are working on in the mocap suite – especially considering that probably any upcoming project from Naughty Dog would probably require some kind of motion capture work. However it is interesting that one of the people in the shot, actor and stuntman Mark Musashi, did perform stunts previously in The Last of Us 2

Diving even deeper into this Naughty Dog guessing game, we’ve also noticed that Marianne Hayden did previously work on The Last of Us 2 as well, which is no surprise considering she’s wearing a t-shirt with the game’s name on in the photo.

Of course there have been rumors ever since the release of The Last of Us 2 that Naughty Dog is working on some kind of follow-up, whether it be a sequel, DLC, or a spin-off. It was also recently confirmed through a series of job listings at Naughty Dog that the studio is working on some kind of “first standalone multiplayer game” which could also be what Hayden and the two actors are currently working on. 

Need something to look forward to until the next big Naughty Dog game? Find out everything you need to know about the upcoming The Last of Us TV show with our guide. 

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