Netflix partners with Roald Dahl Story Company to bring new versions of old favorites to the screen

Netflix has acquired The Roald Dahl Story Company, giving the streamer access to all the author’s works – so expect plenty of Dahl adaptations in the near future. 

The British writer’s numerous children’s novels include James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and The BFG. His books have sold more than 300 million copies around the world and have been translated into 63 languages. 

Excited to announce that the Roald Dahl Story Company (RDSC) and Netflix are joining forces to bring some of the world’s most loved stories to current and future fans in creative new ways. “We are now about to visit the most marvellous places and see the most wonderful things.” 22, 2021

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“There is a moment in James and the Giant Peach when the Ladybird says: ‘We are now about to visit the most marvellous places and see the most wonderful things!’. The Centipede replies, ‘there is no knowing what we shall see!'” Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos wrote in a blog post.

“Netflix and The Roald Dahl Story Company share a deep love of storytelling and a growing, global fan base. Together, we have an extraordinary opportunity to write multiple new chapters of these beloved stories, delighting children and adults around the world for generations to come.”

The two companies have had a relationship since 2018, when Netflix gained access to 16 Dahl titles for animated adaptations – a series based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory from Taika Waititi, focused on the Oompa Loompas, is currently in the works. 

The streamer is also already developing a live-action musical based on Matilda, starring Emma Thompson as Miss Trunchball and Lashana Lynch as Miss Honey. Stephen Graham and Andrea Riseborough are playing Matilda’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood. No word on what this means for the Willy Wonka origins story starring Timotheée Chalamet being developed by Warner Bros. 

While we wait to see what the streamer’s Roald Dahl partnership has in store for us, check out our list of the best Netflix movies that you can watch right now.

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