Xbox Clarity Boost feature smooths over game streaming

Xbox game streaming just got a big quality boost thanks to a new feature.

This feature, as it was first revealed earlier today on November 30, is called “Clarity Boost.” As you might expect from the name, the feature gives a lot more clarity to any games streaming through the xCloud streaming service, across PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

Over on YouTube (opens in new tab), The Verge’s Tom Warren demoed the brand new feature utilizing Forza Horizon 5. In the brief video, we can see that the streamed version of the game has some blurred scenery, particularly when a car is travelling at higher speeds. Thanks to Clarity Boost though, the whole picture comes into focus for an entirely smoother overall experience.

Be aware though, that Clarity Boost is a feature you have to manually turn on within games when you’re streaming them. The brand new feature from Xbox doesn’t automatically activate when you’re now streaming a game through a PC or Xbox console, so you’ll need to head into the menus of the game you’re playing to enable Clarity Boost, and achieve a better picture quality.

Xbox’s streaming initiative has really gone from strength to strength over the past year. Ever since it debuted first on Android devices, other platforms like iOS devices and PC have since landed game streaming through Xbox’s cloud services. Additionally, Xbox One users can now even stream some Xbox Series X exclusive games to their last-gen hardware, giving them a firm foot in the new-gen door for the price of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service.

Check out our upcoming Xbox Series X games guide for a full look at all the games you’ll be able to play via streaming over the next year or so.

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