New SIE studio Fabrik Games was recently hiring for AAA sci-fi/horror title

Newly acquired Fabrik Games was recently spotted hiring for a AAA sci-fi/horror game which could potentially be the studio’s first project for Sony Interactive Entertainment. 

Following Fabrik Studio’s acquisition by PlayStation studio Firesprite yesterday, it’s been brought to light (opens in new tab) that Fabrik Games recently said it was working on a new triple-A title. According to a post from five months ago on the studio’s LinkedIn profile (opens in new tab), “Fabrik Games is looking for a Lead Artist to work on a AAA sci-fi/horror title.”

It looks like this exact job isn’t available anymore as it no longer appears on the Fabrik Games website, however there is a job listing for a senior character artist (opens in new tab). This job listing unfortunately keeps things very vague so the only clue we can get from it is that the successful applicant will also be working on a AAA game and that they will need “experience with character and creature anatomy.” 

Fabrik Studios has previously already worked with Firesprite to develop The Persistence, a roguelike sci-fi horror which sees players attempt to survive aboard a spaceship which is overrun with murderous monsters. Fabrik has also worked on other games such as tactical stealth game Filthy Lucre and platformer The Lost Bear for PSVR. 

Now that Firesprite has acquired Fabrik, the two studios will be working together under the SIE umbrella. On top of this, Graeme Ankers, the managing director of Firesprite, is also the founder of Fabrik games so it makes sense that the two studios have come together like this.

Looking for something else to play until we find out what Fabrik Games is working on? Take a look at our best horror games list. 

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