Nobody told Goofy’s English voice actor that Kingdom Hearts 4 was happening

The news that Kingdom Hearts 4 is on the way was as much a surprise to Goofy’s English voice actor as the rest of us. 

The announcement of Kingdom Hearts 4 was undoubtedly a surprise to us all, but no one more than Bill Farmer who, despite playing one of the main characters in the series, only found out that a sequel was in the works this weekend. 

This news comes from Twitter user @Gandheezy (opens in new tab) (thanks, The Gamer (opens in new tab)), who says that they broke the news to Farmer during a meet and greet at MomoCon 2022 over the weekend. “You know, they never tell me these things, I only find out from fans at conventions,” Farmer responded, before adding: “At least I know I’ve got work coming.”

I can’t believe I just announced Kingdom hearts 4 to Goofy directly. He was like “you know they never told me these things, I only find out from fans at conventions. At least I know I’ve got work coming.” 27, 2022

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We’re sure the news must have just gotten lost in the Traverse Town post office and is no way a sign that Farmer is not returning for the sequel. In fact, the short teaser released last month hasn’t yet been dubbed in English, or any other languages for that matter. 

What this probably means is that Square Enix really is still in the early stages of development with Kingdom Hearts 4, so most likely hasn’t started recording or casting for the English language version yet. Hence why Farmer – probably much like a few other members of the international Kingdom Hearts cast – has only just found out about his future role. 

If you too have only just heard about Kingdom Hearts 4, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming sequel: After being unexpectedly announced during the Kingdom Hearts 20th-anniversary celebration in Japan in April, series director Tetsuya Nomura has revealed a few minor details about the upcoming game in a number of interviews. 

So far, we know that Sora’s next adventure is going to take place in Quadratum – a world more similar to the real-life Tokyo than the fantasy worlds our main protagonist is used to exploring – and that he will be joined by Kingdom Hearts X character Strelitzia as well as Donald and Goofy at some point. There are also theories that Kingdom Hearts 4 could be the game to finally incorporate the likes of Star Wars into the Disney x Final Fantasy crossover series. 

Want to get started with the long-running series and don’t know where to start? Take a look at our how to play the Kingdom Hearts games in order before Kingdom Hearts 4 guide. 

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