How to skip the PUBG training tutorial

If you need a PUBG tutorial skip to get past the training we’ve got all the information you need to get through all the drills and exercises as quickly as possible. Since PUBG recently went free-to-play, a compulsory tutorial has been implemented for all players to complete as they jump back into the battlegrounds. This unfortunately also applies to veteran players who will have lots of experience with PUBG already, so you’ll want to get through the tutorials quickly if you’re one of them. Here’s how to get through the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds training tutorial.

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Can you skip the PUBG tutorial?

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds basic training firing range weapon practice

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At the moment, there is no way of skipping the PUBG tutorial and AI Training that have been recently introduced as part of the free-to-play update. All players must complete the PUBG tutorial before getting back into the main game against real players, but you can make this part easier with these tips to get through it all quickly.

The first thing you need to do is the Basic Training exercise, which teaches you the bare minimum you need to play PUBG and even get a chicken dinner. This includes learning how to move, pick up items, fire and aim your weapon using PUBG ADS, equip weapon attachments, use grenades, and heal up. Follow the objectives listed on your screen and complete them quickly to get through each area of Basic Training. If you’re familiar with PUBG, this should only take you a few minutes.

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds training drills free to play

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The next step – and arguably the most annoying – is to either play 10 AI matches or complete four AI Training Drills, whichever you complete first. AI Training matches are just like regular PUBG battle royale solo matches except you’ll fight against bots instead of real players. It seems like the quickest way through this stage is to try and complete the four AI Training Drills in as few matches as you can. You can see the PUBG Training Drills and your progress by opening the full information on each training mode when you’re making your selection. Here are the four Training Drills that you need to complete in AI Training matches:

  • Win a chicken dinner by winning a match
  • Get 5 kills in total
  • Loot 1 item from a Care Package
  • Drive vehicles a total distance of 2,000m

If you’re an experienced PUBG player, you should be able to handle the bots and get a win reasonably easily, and getting the five kills should come as a part of that. As for the Care Package loot, look and listen for the cargo plane flying overhead and look out for any packages it drops that you can loot. Finally, try and get any vehicle and drive it everywhere you can. You don’t have to drive the full 2,000m in a single vehicle and in one match, so this one might take you a few matches as you try to find vehicles and avoid getting blown up.

While it is entirely possible to complete these PUBG Training Drills in a couple of matches, you could also just load into 10 different matches and get yourself killed early on. You can’t just blow yourself up with an overcooked grenade or get killed by a bot right off the bat, however. You need to spend a bit of time looting and at least acting like you’re playing the game for it count. After a few minutes, or when a good chunk of the bots have died, you’re safe to get yourself killed and you should see the number of matches needed to pass the tutorial in the lobby screen has gone down.

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