Pokemon Go Shiny Oshawott Community Day start time and everything you need to know

The Pokemon Go Oshawott Community Day means higher chances of catching a shiny Oshawott. Just because the Pokemon Go Season of Mischief has turned things on its head in Pokemon Go doesn’t mean some of the game’s most popular events will go away. In September, the latest Community Day event in Pokemon Go will give trainers a few hours to catch a featured Pokemon and earn a ton of in-game bonuses.

Oshawott, the Water-type starter Pokemon of the Unova region will be the spotlight Pokemon in September and with it comes some of the perks that Pokemon Go players are accustomed to. Like past Community Days, trainers will see plenty of Oshawott in the wild, but also have a higher chance of catching its Shiny variant among other bonuses.

Here’s everything trainers need to know about the Pokemon Go Oshawott Community Day event.

Pokemon Go Oshawott Community Day start time

POkemon Go Oshawott community day

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Pokemon Go Community Day featuring Oshawott will begin Sunday, September 19 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time. 

In those six hours, trainers will be able to catch an abundance of Oshawott in the wild. Trainers can also use an Incense to lure Oshawott to their location more frequently for three hours, up from the usual one hour. 

The increased potency of the Pokemon Go Incense is one of the many in-game bonuses trainers can take advantage of during the Oshawott Community Day. We’ll get into the rest of the in-game bonuses in the section below. 

 How to catch Shiny Oshawott in Pokemon Go 

While the Water-type Pokemon, Oshawott, will be appearing more frequently during the Community Day event window it is its Shiny form that trainers will want to hunt for. 

The rate of a particular Shiny Pokemon appearing during a Community Day is proven to be increased during the event. According to the Pokemon Go community site, The Silph Road the Shiny odds for any given Pokemon is approximately 1 in 500. However, certain events like Community Day will increase those odds. The Silph Road confirms that the chance of finding a specific Pokemon during its own Community Day is a very doable 1 in 25. 

To catch a Shiny Oshawott in Pokemon Go during Community Day, trainers simply have to encounter every Oshawott found in the wild during the six-hour window. Once a trainer is taken to the capture screen, they will find out if they have found a Shiny or not. 

Shiny Oshawott does receive a bit of a change in its color. Its blue coloring gets a bit more green and the shell on its stomach has a more orange tint to it. It’s best if trainers look for the Shiny symbol next to Oshawott’s name during the capture portion of the encounter to make sure.

Trainers can also increase the number of Oshawott they encounter by popping an Incense as mentioned above or using a Rainy Lure Module on a PokeStop to bring more of the Water-type to their location. 

 How to get Samurott with Hydro Cannon 

Community Days in Pokemon Go also offer exclusive moves for the spotlight Pokemon so they can do better in PVE and PVP battles. For Oshawott, it will learn the powerful Water-type Charged move, Hydro Cannon, upon evolving into its final evolution, Samurott. 

Trainers have from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. local time on September 19 to have their Samurott learn Hydro Cannon. 

Oshawott needs 25 Candy to evolve into Dewott and another 100 Candy to reach its final evolution, Samurott. Trainers will earn 3 Candy for each Oshawott caught but can be doubled if a Pinap Berry is used while capturing. 

Hydro Cannon is one of the best Water-type Charged attacks so trainers will want to get it on their Samurott if they can. If you miss the deadline, trainers can use an Elite Charged TM to swap out Samurott’s move with Hydro Cannon. However, Elite TMs are hard to come by so it’s best if you just get it through the Community Day event. 

During Oshawott Community Day, trainers will enjoy the following in-game bonuses:

Pokemon Go Oshawott Community Day In-Game Bonuses

 During Oshawott Community Day, trainers will enjoy the following in-game bonuses: 

  • 3x Catch XP
  • Incense lasts for three hours
  • Lure Modules last for three hours
  • Oshawott-inspired stickers can be obtained by spinning PokeStops, opening Gifts and purchasing them in the in-app store
  • Exclusive Special Research can be bought in the in-game shop for $1. This research will include a Rainy Lure Module as one of its rewards

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