How to assign Factions in Dying Light 2

Knowing how to assign Factions in Dying Light 2 is key as it allows you to gain Faction Structures through using major facilities in Villedor as points of influence. The two Factions, the anarchic Survivors and the militaristic Peacekeepers, each have their own special Faction Structure bonuses that appear whenever a facility is assigned to them. Of course, that also comes with the risk of upsetting the other Faction and can even affect how the Dying Light 2 story plays out. Here’s what you need to know about assigning Factions and the Faction Structures they provide in Dying Light 2.

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How assigning factions and city alignment works in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 factions assign facility screen

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In Dying Light 2, there are key facilities across Villedor that can be cleared of Infected or Renegades and permanently assigned to either the Survivors or Peacekeepers. Facilities are Water Towers or Electrical Stations that are key to survival in Villedor, hence why the two Factions want them. Water Towers provide water to the local area which can be accessed in various taps for on-the-spot healing. Electrical Stations provide power to certain areas, making them less dangerous at night thanks to lighting, and make clearing out and activating Metro Stations easier.

Assigning a facility to a faction will also give that Faction control over the local Zone of Villedor that it occupies. For example, assigning the Horseshoe Water Tower to the Survivors will give the Survivors control over the Horseshoe Zone too. When a faction has control of a Zone, they will install Faction Structures that assist you in numerous ways as you explore and fight your way through Villedor. Each Faction has seven Faction Structure rewards for you to unlock, so you must assign seven facilities to one Faction to get all the benefits of that Faction. There are only seven Facilities in all of Dying Light 2, so you have to commit to one Faction for your entire playthrough to get the maximum benefit of one. The facilities in Dying Light 2 are:

Dying Light 2 facilities map all water towers electrical stations

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  1. Horseshoe Water Tower
  2. Houndfield Electrical Station
  3. Downtown Electrical Station
  4. Garrison Electrical Station
  5. Wharf Water Tower
  6. Saint Paul Electrical Station
  7. Saint Paul Water Tower

Assigning Factions to facilities can have some relatively small benefits in the form of water sources, extra power, and the Faction Structures, but some can also affect the course of the story. For example, your Dying Light 2 Water Tower choice when assigning the Horseshoe Water Tower will affect who you work with later between the Peacekeepers and the Survivors. Other Villedor Facilities are also assigned as part of story missions, so there might be a few you can’t complete until the time is right. Many are also gated behind player level and stamina requirements due to the difficulty of parkour that some require. You can check these requirements by hovering your cursor over the Facility icon on the map.

Dying Light 2 facility houndfield electrical station on map

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A few Villedor Zones are pre-assigned to Factions and can’t be changed due to their nature as key story locations for each Faction. For example, in the Old Villedor region of the Dying Light 2 map, the Trinity Zone is always under Survivor control and the Quarry End Zone is always under Peacekeeper control. These zones, regardless of which Faction controls them, do not contribute to unlocking Faction Structures – only facilities that you can specifically assign to a Faction count towards Faction Structure unlocks.

Dying Light 2 Survivor and Peacekeeper Faction Structures

Dying Light 2 factions assigning facility faction structure options

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Each Faction has seven different Faction Structures that you can unlock. As previously mentioned, to unlock all seven structures for a particular Faction, you must assign every facility to your chosen Faction. These structures get placed in all Zones that the Faction controls and not just the current Zone, so all these structures build up over time to work together. This also means that you won’t ever see Peacekeeper Car Bombs and Survivor Ziplines in the same Zone.

Dying Light 2 Survivors Faction rewards

The Survivors’ Faction Structures are Parkour-focused and aim to make traversing Villedor much easier. Assigning facilities to the Survivor Faction will get you these Faction Structures in this order:

  1. Ziplines: Quickly and safely cross large areas.
  2. Airbags: Use airbags to jump much higher than usual.
  3. Landing Bags: Grabbing one will cushion your landing after a fall.
  4. Survivor Revival: If you fall to your death in Survivor territory, a Survivor will revive you close to where you fell.
  5. Air Vents: Improved Air Vents that make increase the Paraglider’s mobility.
  6. Upgraded Airbags: These are the same as regular Airbags except they allow you to jump even higher.
  7. Two-Way Zipline: Special Ziplines that can be used in either direction and no longer from higher to lower ground

Dying Light 2 factions peacekeeper car bomb faction structure

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Dying Light 2 Peacekeepers Faction rewards

The Faction Structures for the Peacekeepers are focused on combat and traps, mainly for the Infected. Assigning facilities to the Peacekeeper Faction will get you these Faction Structures in this order:

  1. Car Bombs:  When nearby, you can manually activate these timed Car Bombs to lure in and kill groups of Infected.
  2. PK Bolt Cannon: Emplaced turrets that can shred through Infected enemies.
  3. Electrical Traps: Can be activated to electrocute enemies caught in the trap and block access for a particular route.
  4. Crossbow Pack: The Peacekeepers gift you a semi-automatic crossbow and blueprints for Elemental Bolts. As far as we know, this is the only way to get this weapon.
  5. Molotov Lanterns: Hanging lanterns that will set fire to a large area below when broken.
  6. Pendulum Traps: Activate these traps to send a spiky barrel swinging towards enemies.
  7. UV Traps: Activate clusters of UV lights to protect yourself from Infected.

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