Portal Companion Collection is an absolute bargain on Switch

Now that the dust has settled on yesterday’s Nintendo Direct Mini, Valve fans are discovering that the Portal: Companion Collection on Nintendo Switch is actually a pretty sweet bargain.

At the time of writing, you can pick up (opens in new tab) the collection for $19.99 / £13.49 on the Nintendo Store. You usually don’t get pricing details during the Nintendo Direct itself, so important details about how much you’re spending don’t usually filter through until after the show is done. 

The main (opens in new tab) reaction to news of the port on social media is pleasant surprise at the low price, with some (opens in new tab) even considering dipping into the game for the first time because of it. 

Don’t tell Valve but I would have paid so much more for this pic.twitter.com/CKOqgsuLUgJune 28, 2022

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It looks like the port is going down well with people who have bought in, too. Everything has remained lovingly intact, even some of the more trippy parts (opens in new tab) of the game that, perhaps, weren’t intentional. Oddly, the game has been bumped up (opens in new tab) from a PG rating to 15+ in Australia due to “online interactivity, strong violence, and users interact”, though there have mostly been no issues. 

If you’ve been out of the loop, this collection has been developed in collaboration with NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios and features an entire single-player campaign for both games alongside Portal 2’s co-op mode, available in both split-screen and online multiplayer. 

The recent Nintendo Direct also brought other news of ports, with Persona 5 and Nier: Automata making their way to Switch in due course. We also saw some other neat-looking new games like Harvestella, though you’ll be paying a pretty penny (opens in new tab) for that one once it releases. 

Check out our roundup of everything that was announced at the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase June 2022 to get the full rundown. 

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