Pupperazzi trailer gives you the dog photography song and dance

If you ever wanted to live the good (boy) life as a full-time dog photog, Pupperazzi has your wish fulfillment ready to go later this month.

Developer Sundae Month and publisher Kitfox Games put out a new musical trailer for the singularly good idea of a game. It’s basically like a PokeRap but for dogs that you can take pictures of, and it will get you all ready to start snapping away once Pupperazzi arrives on PC and Xbox later this month. It will also be available on Xbox Game Pass from day one, so subscribers won’t even need to lay out any extra cash to begin their career of capturing precious canine moments.

Get your cameras ready!We have a new 🎶musical🎶 trailer from the Pupperazzi dogs and @MAHO_Studio Pupperazzi comes out Jan 20th on Steam, itch, Epic Store and Xbox!https://t.co/qCCWlJF70N pic.twitter.com/YRuxQyA74XJanuary 6, 2022

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While you literally play as an SLR camera with noodle arms and legs in Pupperazzi (yes, you can still take selfies without using a mirror, don’t ask us how that works), that doesn’t mean you only take pictures. You can also grab and throw toys to play with dogs, dress them up in cute outfits, and double jump around the world in search of the perfect angle. Oh, and you can pet the dogs too. It would be utterly absurd if you could not pet the dogs.

Naturally, you’ll also be able to play with a ton of different settings to get your photos just right. And you’ll even be able to spend bonks – that’s the currency in this dog-centric society – to purchase new camera lenses, film, and other equipment to elevate your artform.

Pupperazzi was one of five Xbox Game Pass games Microsoft showcased back in August. 

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